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    Saw Ash looking for ideas for a ‘sportsday’ themed birthday party for her 6 year old daughter –

    She posted on Dublin but as that area is not too busy yet so thought I would ask on national chat and see if anyone has ideas or suggestions……



    Drogheda Leisure Park could organise this if needed.



    Ash is in Swords, Co Dublin and I think she wants to keep it at home…

    any other suggestions???



    well i suppose if having at home have a few things organised like a treasure hunt with a twist, they have to get clues at each place and if a few kids split into teams and colour them, like blue yellow and green, and each clue could be different for each team as not to have them all in the same area at the same time….

    potato and spoon race cleaner than the egg and spoon race……
    3 legged race
    blind fold team – where on e is blind folded and obsticles in fornt the other team member has to direct their team member around the obsticle course…..
    get a ballon and tie string to it and then tie to each child’s leg the last one with a non burts balloon is the winner they love this as they runa round after one another trying not to get caught….

    then easily made 1st 2nd and 3rd place boxes upside down for an award cermony….you can get the medals etc in 2euro shop or smyths….

    and even make up certificates on the computer for each game for the winner and then an overall one for each person who came to the party….

    on invites have dress code sports day…..easy peasy they’ll have fun….

    you will have to dress up yourself for the fun….too with whistle stopwatch head band shorts or tracksuit all for the fun of it……

    there will be alot of prework but in the end if you half do it then won’t be affective but if you whole heartedly do it it will be fab….

    hope the above is of some help….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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