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    I’m re-opening a coffee shop in the town, and am conducting a survey.

    What do you look for when you visit a coffee shop? i.e. decor, music..

    What do you normally buy in your favourite place?

    What IS your favourite place?

    Thankyou for your help.


    Most recently whether or not buggy’s are allowed and if there is enough space for them is the biggest issue.
    But other than that a friendly efficient service with value for money always gets my repeat custom.
    Back-ground music is nice once you can still have a conversation.
    Clean toilets!
    Best of luck with the new venture. Let us know when you open and I’d love to come in 😀


    Thanks newmomma

    My youngest is out of a buggy now, but I always went to an accessible cafe myself even though I preferred the coffee in another place!

    Yes, toilets can be an issue 😉


    as i mentioned in the other thread gluten-free snacks are good. there are alot of us so if word gets around people will go there


    Genuinely helpful friendly service essential, kiddy size portions available always helpful, skinny choices on food and drinks often on my mind when choosing cafes. Hope helps and good luck!


    healthy option food snacks for kids, not crap…..also enough room for buggy access and storage…buggy pigeon holes would be an idea….a clean area where kids can play, even little section off, with foam mats and clean toys….
    clean highchairs and toilets….and of course value for money…..


    choice of snacks are really important I am fed up having a choice of crisps biscuits or muffins for my ds. Even today drink wise kids choice were water or fizzy stuff. I love space would rather one less table and be able to move although that may affect your revpar. Neutral colours but you know what might be one if the most important things is that staff. staff who are friendly and welcoming to everyone and don’t cringe at the sight of children.



    i always looked for a child friendly place. Not just for buggies but a little [playarea. Kids are just not designed to sit on a table nicely and let the parent enjoy their coffee :).
    Also good and healthy food. Its a pity that most offer kids menues on which you cant alter the choice. I feed my kids only vegetarian food but most of the time I get saugages with the mash because i had to pay the same price. So different choices and healthier options for kids its what Id [prefer.
    Good luck for you 🙂


    Hi there,

    Best of luck with your venture.

    Well good coffee is a must.

    Fresh food, versatile modern menu that changes regularly & a specials board are always good. It would be nice to have a choice of more then justs wraps/ bagels etc – maybe nice fresh take away salads or stir frys.

    I would really like somewhere nice that opens early, like 8am for breakfast before i go to work. I think there is a big call for more early opening places in Drogheda town. Jaffas is always busy between 8am & 9am & does a great deal (coffee, sambo & crisps €5) but i would prefer a breakfast rather then a sambo in the morning.

    A take away facility would be great for coffees & lunch.

    I think there shouldn’t be a childrens menu as such but instead they can have a half plate of anything on the menu for half the price. I agree with the messages above the normal childrens menus are a disgrace, i dont feed my ds chips or burgers or sasuages but sometimes that is all that is on the menu for kids. My ds loves pasta or basically anything that im eating.

    A play area for kids would be great but i know that can be hard when you have limited space. If you do have space, you should defo arrange some parent/ toddler coffee mornings – check out the bagels bars coffee morning for some ideas.

    I personally love fresh fish (but hate it battered) & i feel there is a very limited choice of fish anywhere i go, very dissapointing.

    A pet hate of mine is small cups & saucers, i would much prefer a nice big mug for my tea or coffee. Please Invest in really good/ Modern / stylish delph as it makees an impression. presentation of the food is also very important. No matter how nice the food is, if it looks messy on the plate, it will turn you off it.

    Decor: I personally love the decor in L’Spa Therapies but dont know if it would work for a coffee shop. I think it needs to be stylish but comfortable at the same time, too clean cut is just cold. I love to see comfy sofas in coffee shops. Walnut wood & wall paper are all the rage at the moment & very warm.

    Another thing i hate is very noisey places. I know you need some noise for atmosphere but i hate when you hear all the goings on in the kitchen or when they have the radio blasting with inappriopriate music. I prefer kitchens to be behind the scenes & music to be soft. I work in a busy office, where the phone is constantly ringing, so when i go out to lunch i like to be able to relax a bit & have a chat without having to shout to be heard. Nice relaxing music can make all the difference.

    I think to stay open in this market you need to have daily specials/ deals etc. An idea is to have some sort of customer appreciation scheme or discount to staff who works beside coffee shop. Also, try to get email/ phone no. of customers to send them messages weekly of specials/ discounts etc. You should also target all the offices/ businesses in Drogheda town – there are still a lot – To do take out food for meetings, etc.

    Platter/ party food is another idea. I got platters of sandwiches delivered to my house for my ds 1st birthday party from Jaffas and thought it was great. I then didnt have to worry about what to feed the adults, it was so hassel free.

    Sorry, didnt mean to go on,Im sure you have thought of most of the ideas above but hopefully my comments were a somewhat helpful.

    best of luck.


    Thankyou everyone for your ideas and tips!

    I’ll report back in September when I’ve re-opened.



    out of curiosity where are ya opening???


    Our fave coffee shop used to be Monks (I notice that it’s sold – any chance this is your new premises?!!). I loved it for the hot chocolates, DH loved the food!

    With a DS of 1 I would say space for buggies is a must, as well as changing facilities. Like pp have said going out for a coffee for me is a treat, not something I’d do every day, so if I felt comfortable with DS as well as being somewhere that offered good value for money on coffee and cakes/snacks as well as a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that would be great and would persuade me to part with my pennies more often!!!

    Good luck with your venture! xx


    Definetly do some sort of a baby bowl because im always putting off shopping these days with the baby because there is nowhere to buy a small bowl of mash and veg for her dinner. Its so handy if your out for lunch and you can feed the children while your there otherwise im rushing home before 2 o clock. Also, changing wall unit in the loo. Best of luck with your new business.


    Thankyou girls for your ideas. Looks like I’ll have my work cut out in a few weeks!



    If you want to know how to make a delicious cappuccino that will have us flocking in, get yourself to Ellen’s in Bettystown. Her cappuccinos are loaded on top with real flake and lots of it. much nicer than that dusty fake choc topping.

    Thats what keeps me going back all the time – well that and the space for buggies and the good prices, yummy sandwiches and free lollipops for the kiddies.

    Hope that helps!!!

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