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    Hi there,

    its my dhs 40th next week & i havent got him a thing – ahhhhhhhhh

    Luckily he is not that into things and wont really mind what i get him but still ive no idea what to get & want to make a bit of a fuss.

    For fathers day last year, i got him a canvas print done from a lovely photo of him and ds – he really liked it. Christmas he got clothes which he was delighted with as he needed them but hates shopping.Valentines day i got him a book that was for charity where famous irish people wrote a letter to their 16 year old self, dh thought it was a great idea. So you can see he is easily pleasedand he wouldnt appreciate me wasting money.

    A watch & a new pair of runners are the only things that ive come up with so far but it is a special birthday so trying to think of something a bit special.

    any suggestions? Maybe something personalised from the kids or something?


    Day out at

    I’m in the same boat as you although my dh is 50 in August…. Not in to anything at all…
    Looking at a good camera… but was shocked at prices from €500 to €3000..


    what about a tattoo????

    dark valley tattoo on peter st above the green man barbers is very good and very reasonably priced….i got my dh one a few weeks ago and its class…hes 37…


    Thanks for suggestion, sorry but no, im not really a fan.

    He already has one big one on his arm that im not very found of!!!

    Himself & ds make jigsaws together, was thinking i might see if i can get a personalised one from a photo of kids or something – left it too late to do on line, i wonder if anywhere in drogheda do them?? That might be a nice gift from the kids anyway.


    I got my husband a black leather & silver bracelet with ‘Daddy’ on it, from Jewellery Tree for his birthday last year and he really loves it. He says its his favourite piece after his wedding ring. Sappy – yep – but made him happy!

    Mondello race track was another favourite gift of his, he absolutely loved doing the track in a racing car, he loved it so much, got him this for his 30th and 35th birthdays.

    Also got him a flying lesson, in a small plane and he liked that. But if I asked him I know he would say, the bracelet and Mondello are his favourites.

    Hope that helps, best of luck!


    What about some personalised cufflinks from (think that’s the spelling, I am not associated with this company btw). I got my husband some last year with the children’s fingerprints done on them and I got my Mam a keyring with their handprints, and they both love their gifts.
    It takes about a month to do though, so maybe not suitable this time around.


    Snap Sabbi!
    Great minds and all that….


    Why not a break away WITHOUT THE KIDS… a dirty indulgent weekend for both, good food and wine (no worries about a hangover as no kids) and nice spa treatments….. just some good ould quality time and memories that will last forever.


    😆 😆 Taylor have you read my mind! I’m 40 later this year and the babysitter is already booked! Like pretty much everyone these days not alot of money spare for nights out etc so very rarely get a night out SO my sis is taking the kids for the weekend and we’re away to spend a whole 48hrs together, only pressie i want really – we haven’t booked hotel it’s not for months yet but won’t go mad – i can’t wait 😆 😆 😆 😀


    Taylor, id love to do, sounds perfect that but dont think we would have anyone to mind them. Grandparents not up to it at the moment & my only siblings who could do it live abroad. Maybe later in the year though, i could give him an i o u.


    Ah that is a pity… is there nobody who would mind them? Im lookingto book something for my dh, my sister will be the one looking after the kids.

    What about a nice night out, i have the number of a brilliant babysitter….
    Superminder will be on posting to buy yourself some nice Ann Summers undies, its a gift for him but you get the nice new undies 😆 😆 😆 😆


    what about a box set of curb your enthusiasim or something like that….

    the challange days out are great and we all know our hubbies think they are big kids most of the time….

    go with him and leave the kids in the creche for the day….

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