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    oh i know, it’s how the editing is done back in the suite, I know ICA is a fab outlet for women, and they have achieved many things over the years…

    it’s open from women for 16+….i think what they are trying to highlight is the fact that people are too materialistic and not thinking about how to be cost affective etc, and how women are the power within the home and can do things like, cook sew etc etc, not being a 1950’s wife but knwoing how to do some basic skill crafts can do so much….

    ICA is a great place to meet people, learn new skills…and something we should be very proud of….

    what reminded me of those women the fuddy duddy’s lol…was the film calender girls….

    check out http://www.ica.ie


    anyone watching this? it’s very funny the girls are real divas….


    Yep, it is funny alright but a bit stupid. Although saying that, i couldnt stop wtaching it last night.

    I dont know why they are giving those girls such a hard time, i wouldnt know how to do half the stuff that they expect them to do.

    My mam is disgusted by the programme as she is in the ICA herself & says it sets them back about 20 years.

    She said its not really run by old fuddy duddys like those ladies, its a bit of craic & there are loads of women in their 40s/50’s in it, you dont have to be retired.

    Its just a womens club & is great way to get to know people in your community plus they arrange fun activities.


    I think its great, thinking of sending my 15 yr old instead of to The Gaeltacht.

    I know between her pals. None of them can cook or sew as much as a button. Home Ec is all theory at school nowadays.

    In saying that unless you were married to a fisherman and even then…. who guts fish? They do it in the fishmongers, lol. Last year they made them make Black Pudding from Scratch, ie Buckets of Blood.

    The sewing lady is very funny. But I think Imelda is more like someone from Ladette to Lady.

    Only thing is my Mum got the ICA Booklet in the post this week and if you look through it there are an awful lot of Fashion and Make Up related courses this year….. so maybe they should make it a bit more relevant to what they actually do in An Ghrianan. There is a lot more Jewellery Making, Millinery, Floristry etc than gutting fish and milking cows! And I don’t see any car maintenance in the book either. But sure its all a bit of craic and the looks on there faces were priceless.


    I would have loved something like that as a teenager….. think its great for young girls to know how to cook a chicken and sew a button in… my niece who is 21 walked 2 miles to my mams house to get her nana to sew a button into her coat before she went out 😆 😆 😆


    I would also like my son to know these skills too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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