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    Imaginarium presents I-WOW the 3.0 toys generation that reinvents the way to play and learn

    Imaginarium presents i-wow, an innovative line of games that combines the best physical toy and the most advanced technology to create a new gaming experience pioneer the world and make it a unique teachable moment.

    With i-wow the physical product extends to the virtual world, so every game becomes a key to enjoy digital content. As stated Natalia Chueca, Imaginarium Marketing Manager, "i-wow reinvents the game maintaining its essence, is a pioneer new dimension in the world that combines the advantages of the offline game with the advantages of the online world for the genuine first digital natives generation has the
    intelligent and creative solution of educational and fun games”

    In addition, i-wow products are compatible with any tablet (iPad, Android, PaquitoMini and SuperPaquito) thanks to an app that links real and virtual in a magical, educational and fun.

    I-Wow line consists of nine games organized into three categories: i-wow preschool focused on learning shapes, sounds, etc… I-wow discovery with more specialized content and exploiting augmented reality and object recognition on the screen and iwow play, more focused on entertainment.

    As stated Natalia Chueca Imaginarium Marketing Manager, "for 21 years working to build a better world, we firmly believe in the game as a learning way for children and we have wondered how to prepare today’s children to successfully meet this changing future. Thanks to our continuous thinking, coupled with expertise, research and
    knowledge of the needs of children of our Knowledge Center could visualize and discover a new way to play ".

    Moreover, Esperanza Garcia, Imaginarium Advisor and Alaria Moncloa Center educational Coordinator, noted that "the unique methodologies are inadequate educational level: children have to offer different incentives for them to develop different types of intelligences. The combination of toy traditional and new technologies offers a variety of stimuli that generate in the child, in addition, a great enthusiasm for
    learning. "

    From the Technology by Imaginarium area, Guillermo Aragon, Responsible for Innovation and Development of Digital Content, has said that "what we want is that the child remains the protagonist, giving interactivity, think and decide … The objects only drive to. I-wow is a line that focuses on the future, innovation and advanced
    technological developments require, without being that the most important for us. Our approach to creativity, there has emerged this merger and we believe these products will enhance the education and entertainment of children. "

    i-wow pre-school: is the set of games created by
    Imaginarium for children of 1-6 years to learn to think, to
    discover and fully develop their minds. Focused on
    learning of shapes, vocabulary … sounds find Puzzle
    Blocks 3.0 and 3.0.

    i-wow discovery: Children from 6 years old, is the key to a
    universe of knowledge, scientific content, high quality
    informative from DK publishing, uses augmented reality and
    recognition of objects on the screen to make learning easy and
    fun: Human Body Atlas, Atlas Universe and Save and Plan 3.0.
    i-wow play: games provided more surprising,
    virtual games take command of the real world to
    provide the best entertainment: Home Arcade,
    Art-Brush 3.0 and 3.0 Letters and numbers pen.

    Following the launch of SuperPaquito and Paquito Mini, the first tablet adapted to use on children, and PaquitoLand, digital content platform for children, Imaginarium goes a step further in the game world. After more than two years of research from the R + D + i, the company is launching this new line of games that combines real and physical toy
    with the virtual world to provide quality digital content, real encyclopedias digitized the prestigious DK publishing, and an innovative dimension of the game.

    For more see http://www.imaginarium.ie


    I like the look of these – they are getting good feedback too, better than some other brands that tend to break easily. Might get this for our LO for Christmas, she has been breaking our hearts for a tablet for months now.

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