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    ok ladies , I need hands you heard me hands.

    I have just sat my Gel Nail exams and I need to complete 10 sets of hands with gels & white tips.

    I need another 7 sets and I am shocked that i have had not more interest from my friends etc.

    I must point out I am not as good as the Nail techs that has 3-4 yrs under their belt but i am getting there.

    Some things to know.

    [list:1aroag45]Gel Nails are just €15 (((((for now:) ))))
    Take approx 3 hours :( (working on my time )
    I can come to your house or you can come to mine , I am in Navan
    I can do this at the evening time , when kids are in bed
    Better if kids were not around as my dd loves to play with the gel when i try :)🙂 LOL
    I need to take a before and after picture for college[/list:u:1aroag45]

    If anyone is interested please om me :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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