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    am totally peed off at the mo leaving wit my parents i have no space to breathe everywhere i go there their :twisted: :evil:


    why not check with social welfare etc regards housing you’d be able to get an allowance and be put on a list for housing…


    am on the list since the child was born shes nearly 2 and my sister was waiting 7 years for her housee


    Im on the housing list 4 years now, but i have been approved for an affordable house and will be moving in this year 🙂

    have you gone to your local CWO about rent allowence? Or have you thought about a respond house


    they’re giving out houses at the moment… best thing to do is go down or ring them every week until they give you one just to be rid of you!!!
    i’m on the list for 3 years now and am hoping to get one as they won’t have more for another 2 years apparently… am really sick of sharing a room with dd… she needs her own bed but has to stay in the cot as we don’t have the room.
    they should really have a better system in place for accomadating people 👿

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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