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    Well, it was the FIRST time I have EVER missed home.

    I found out I have my very FIRST CAVITY.

    This shouldn’t be the end of the world, I do realise this.
    But not having a cavity for over 35+ years and then being completely
    SHOCKED :shock: (to say the least) to find out not ONLY is it a cavity but the tooth needs a ROOT CANAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    The waiting list in Ireland for this procedure is a standard 3-4 months but then add another 3-4 months to top it off with a crown and then finish up with yet another 3-4 months before all is completed. This can be a total of 9-12 months!!!!!

    Are you serious? Then the price ticket for a standard text bookfinish is up in the €2,000.

    So, what should I do?

    Go home where the American dollar is weak & have top notch attention for that "American Smile"? 😀

    Well, had a chat on the phone with my dentist at home & he said that the price is around about $2,000 but this is in Dollar NOT Euro.
    And the complete procedure can be done within 5 days NOT 9-12 months.

    However, he put a good spin on my dilemma here.

    Why not go to Germany?

    Germany is a lot closer to travel to & "German Dentistry is AMAZING!!!!" He said that all the BEST is in the main large cities.

    O.K., now it would be nice to be fluent in German (to bad I took Spanish in High School/University) and know someone to go to.

    After I get myself sorted out, I have another fear here.

    What about my children’s teeth?

    If my teeth where over looked after getting ALL my 6 month check ups then what chances do my children have? :(

    Please, if anyone can suggest a German Dentist or advice on proactive dentistry for my children – I am ALL ears!!!!

    Sorry too hear about your root canal, I was told I needed on 2 years ago and i never went back…. out of fear and the fact I would rather loose my tooth then pay 2000 euro for what is really just a filling/cavity

    Dont know a german dentist but did you check out going to notthern Ireland, loads of people who need expensive dental work goto the north and save huge bucks


    A’llo there,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, I did ring a recommended Dentist in the North (Belfast).
    But they said it was policy NOT give estimates on dental work.
    I would find out after all work is completed.

    No worries, I did push more when this was told to me. I repeated to the secretary what she told me,
    (just in case I wasn’t understanding 😕 )
    that I won’t know the bill amount until AFTER my root canal & crown were finished in my mouth.

    She said "This is correct."

    Well, I’m not a gambler.



    Sorry to hear about your dental situation! I am in the same boat. When I was home in the summer I saw my dentist and he thinks I will have to have root canal on a tooth. He filled it and said he would hope for the best but after he told me what to watch for I know I need root canal. He told me to find a dentist in Ireland but I think I will go back and see him to have it done and there wouldn’t be silly waiting times. Any excuse to go home 😆 😆

    Best of luck!


    That is such rubbish, who would go into somewhere and get work done and not have an estimate on the bill ❗ I know I wouldnt go somewhere like that. Try ringing another dentist in the North. Did you look into the dental hospital in Dublin, its a bit tricky as its a student who does the work but under the supervision of a head dentist, think the work is free or a small fee (plus its only a minute walk from the train station)


    just wanted to let you know the South Down Dental Clinic in newry is very good and a standard root canal without crown is 260sterling. The only problem was the waiting list – six months in 2007 I was referred there by my dentist in Drogheda but I believe you can contact them directly.


    its a bit tricky as its a student who does the work
    😆 😆
    would you take a risk ❓ ❓
    i don’t think so.
    i am quite happy with my irish dentist, but didn’t have to have anything serious done yet.
    but my dd’s teeth i will have checked during my next visit to my homeland 😆
    dentist told me that they don’t do anything with the childs milk teeth 🙄 unless they need to be pulled out 😡


    My mam had her bag robbed with her new 600euro false teeth in it, dont ask why they were in her bag 🙄
    She said there was no way she would be paying that for new teeth, so she went to the dental hospital and got a new set for about 20 euro, they were much nicer and fit better then the 600 pair


    good to know 😆 😆
    so maybe at the end that’s not a bad idea??
    my mother in law goes to the trainee hairdresers somwhere in dublin. they do a good job.
    but then teeth won’t grow back.. 😉


    How wrong can you go with false teeth? Everyone asks my mum where she got her teeth they are that nice, she also gets her hair cut in the peter marks school on grafton street for 10 euro


    hi MonkeyMum 🙂

    lucky for me i had years ago removed one of my wisdom tooth in singapore..

    last week, i had really bad toothache i remember you guys were saying how expensive one has to pay for dentist visit here 😯
    glad that i didnt have any tooth decay or need to extract any tooth
    dh has to take me to dublin as no dentist clinic is open in drogheda during weekends… 👿

    turns out after an xray the dentist say is actually gum infection
    its so bad i hasnt been able to sleep past few days
    im so grateful to her i can finally return back to my sleeping hrs 🙂

    i find the clinics here are open at very short hrs only at 9-5pm and you have to call to make an appointment lst thing when your already so sick… and seems like unless yr so-called a member in their clinic then you can consider as their patient and thats really ridiculous and then very surprise that we have to pay just a simple registration fees at 40-45 euros per person.. and have to go to a pharmarcy to collect most of our common medications
    and it can be difficult for people coming back from work to see a doctor or go for doctor appointments really….

    i think seriously its time they should enable people to reach doctors more easily like the operating hours is really short for anyone afterall we people need to see doctors shouldnt be the other way round…

    and registration fees shouldnt be allowed to escalate to this large amount.

    there should be a proper dept to handle it .

    They need to make the health system more readily available and flexible towards every citizen needs.im talking about the middle class and poor people around the country.

    In Singapore you can always just walk into any clinics theres governments ones and they are much cheaper but the queues is really long.

    Theres also private ones instantly without any appoinments they will be open from morning to afternoon then after lunch hour 2pm they start to re-open again and until 6pm they closed for dinner then re-opened until 8-9pm and theres also 24 hrs clinics available too at night.

    thats how hard the doctors work in singapore like everyone else.

    eg. i used to visit a private clinic doctor the queues be like the longest waiting time i can recall is 15 mins and you be next to see the doctor.they used the electronic system to get your queue number.
    when i had fever my fees the most is 20-25 sing dollars thats including medications, very good consultation and registration

    and we just have to collect the medications just next to the doctor office in total there be one doctor to see you. and there will be at least two clinic assistants to dispense the patient medications no pharmist in private clinics except in goverment clinics and hospitals



    I am German and I can organise you some contacts. Just let me know if you need anything. I could help you with the language.


    MMG neurofen plus is great for toothache or rub clove oil on the sore gums/teeth
    I had 3 wisdom teeth removed a few years ago I had to go private (northbrook clinic in Dublin) it cost over 3 thousand, but paid in full by bupa thank God. its a great clinic and would recommedit


    Hi Taylor5 🙂

    the dentist was about to draw out a long jab i got nervous wheni saw it 😯 and she use some herbal stuff looks …like "cocaine? " brownish and she clean on the gum ❓ and i was advice to take some anti-biotic and use mouth-wash and im fine now …. 😀

    3000 for 3 wisdom tooth OMG i can take a plane fly to visit singapore lol 😆


    Oh, thank you – thank you!
    Thanks for all your support.
    All your comments were wonderful to read!
    I will let all know once I know what I shall be doing.
    Again, many – many thanks 🙂

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