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    I swore i wouldn’t watch but I’ve been sucked in….can not even imagine how ridiculous it will get when Jedward get into the jungle with them….


    I CANT WAIT to see Jedward….. it will be classic tv, tena lady at the ready 😳 😆 😆 😆

    Im not a lover of Gillian and her moaning is doing my head in, Why the hell did she go into the Jungle 😯
    But i have too say i feel so so sorry for the woman, she is very fragile and hope they dont all pick on her when she moves to the joint camp


    no way jedward are going in 😆 is that true?


    Taylor – tena lady, you’re mad!! 😆 😆

    Yep, apparently Jedward are going in tomorrow night, football on tonight so its not on.

    Shaun Ryder was funny eating all that stuff last night – though with his past, he’s probably eaten worse that that before!!

    Ant & Dec are so funny – they just laugh their way through it every year, so silly but very watchable.

    Wonder how Jedward will do?? They seem so helpless in certain ways, it might be very cringe worthy watching them suffer if they make them do awful stuff or maybe they’ll surprise us all and be great?


    Shaun doing the task was brilliant, he is a trooper… when he siad to Gillian had she not eaten a penis before 😯 😆 😆 😆

    Does Gillian suffer with a curve in her spine? Or is it just my eyes, she looks a bit crooked

    Sabbi tena lady would be needed… i watched jedward let loose and im not joking those guys are pure thick. I dont have a dislike for them, think they are the real winners from last year over 2 million in the bank, fair play…. but God bless them!
    Did you hear Jason Byrne talking about them on the Late Late last week, i was in fits laughing cant wait to see the programme 😆 They were on his show Anonymous and he was talking to them all morning, they got their makeup on and Jason said he said hello to John via the ear peice, John was "oh whos there?" he said "its jason"… reply "Jason who?" 😆 😆 😆 😆 God bless them but the lift doesnt go all the way to the top 😆 😆 😆


    Yes she has curvature of the spine or something to that effect..its not your eyes or telly ….

    Haven’t really watched it much yet, but I love Shaun Ryder..I wanted to marry him when I was 18 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Im bored with Gillian – she must be hard up for money to go in their with all her phobias 😯 She does have curvature of the spine alright.

    Was getting fed up with it but will watch it just to see the antics of Jedward !! 😆


    Who will get a box first (from the lads in camp bruce) Gillian or Jeward? 😆 😆 😆

    I never noticed that before with gillian, god she looks thin 😯


    Taylor – when is that episode of anonymous on, that will be TV gold, they’re so funny!!

    Think they’re going in tonight, should be entertaining anyway!

    I feel a bit bad for Gillian but she is super annoying, I think Britt is going to punch her soon. Why did she go in….she is terrified of everything, its ridiculous.


    i do feel sorry for her….. but want to see the back of her

    Not too sure when that show is on but he was on to promote the current series, so anyday soon


    will defo watch tonight to see Jedward 😆 ..watched clip on you tube with Gillian and Shaun eating the wierd food..Shaun did so well..he is a legend//love,love love him 😀


    gillian is so annoying….yeah noticed that too about her curve never did before….god she gives overweight people an awful time about what they eat etc on her programme, and look at her she doesn’t eat…. she said to britt i didn’t know what i was letting myself in for, yeah right you must have known….

    ha what will it be like with jedward and stacey….

    nigel seems a little annoyed with limpit (SP) so imagine what he’d be like with jedward…looking forward to it now….


    So no Jedwward yet????

    Havent watched this show in donkeys years but am watching it this year because of Shaun Ryder, I love him and the Happy Mondays are still my fave band…

    Very funny when Shaun won the hammer challenge, ..imagine him having the fastest reflexes 😆 😆 😆

    Love the banter between him and Nigel Havers, they could make a show together 😀

    Gillian Mckeith oh lord..why oh why would she go in the show in the first place..had she neve seen the show????? Surely she can’t be that broke 😆


    what was linford christie like…not a bother on him, a stroll in the park. 😆 fair play to the guy, mind over matter…seems to work.


    Where are jedward, are they really going in? sure arent they in a xmas panto soon?

    I do think that they need some more younger people in the jungle.

    Gillian is a joke, her fake faint last nite was gas!! She has ruined her career though, she will never be able to tell an over weight person off again, sure they wont take her seriously with all her issues. As others have said, she must be seriously broke.

    I love ant & Dec. i read thier book. they are so funny. They are always trying to hold the laughter in, they remind me of when i was in school, trying not to laugh with shoulders shaking – immature i know, but funny.

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