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    I am officially a bad wife…I think. I’ve been stuck in with the flu all week and I’m about to go mad with cabin fever and take it out on my husband.

    He has been really good all week, looking after the kids, working and cleaning the house (I use the term cleaning loosely, the place is a bit of a mess) and cooking (again, I use that term loosely, fish fingers & chips, sausage & chips and bacon sandwiches are not my idea of proper dinners) but he’s doing his best. Its’s just that I feel helpless lying around all day and I want to be up doing things but have hardly any energy.

    Being stuck in all week has me driven mad – I’m at the stage where I’m looking at him and I want to throttle him for not doing the laundry (its way backed up now) or vacuuming the floor or cleaning the dishes.

    Ok, so there goes. I’m a complete cow who does not appreciate her husband. I am on lots of medication at the moment, maybe its the drugs talking. (I hope…)

    I just don’t like being sick – who ever would have thought I’d be looking forward to get cracking at the laundry and ironing. Its driving me mad not being able to keep on top of things.

    Have I completely lost the plot or has anyone else felt like this.

    Sorry for being such a grumpy cow on a Friday night.


    Hi Sabbi

    Hope your feeling ok, ya your normal, my mental health definetely suffers when my house is not clean and organised!

    Heres a song that i play for mydp every now and again!!!!
    He gets the message then!


    Get well soon hun x


    Ha ha!! That is one of my fave songs, must play it for him, he might laugh???

    Alesha Dixon is such a star. Gorgeous and Talented. I feel bad for Arlene but I am still looking forward to Strictly coming back to our screens. After listening to that song, I want to go dancing now – well maybe next weekend when I’m better.

    All doped up now and off to bed, hopefully the drugs will knock me out, I need a good sleep….

    thanks again happymammy. x



    of course you’re not a bad mum – ur a great mum just unwell & frustrated that u can’t do ur bits n pieces… we all have our own ways of doing things & frankly i think us mums do it better! haha 😀 i remember being really sick once & i cried cos i didn’t wanna be sick & i had loads to do & i couldn’t do a thing..
    when u get back to normal u’ll wish u had the chance to have a good rest again!
    get well soon!



    What is it with men when they ahve to do dinner that its either fish fingers or chicken nuggets with chips 🙄 🙄 🙄


    Nah you haven’t lost the plot………………Well if you have I have too 😀 and I’m not sick, just completely hormonal all the time. Poor guys eh 😆


    Hi Girls,

    Taylor5 i think we just have different expectations from our man thats the time i can rely on some takeaway menu 😛

    Newmomma, yes man only thought of our hormone change when we are annoyed haha… 😆

    Happymammy, thats a good idea too 😉

    MissyG thats true if the hse isnt in the state we wanted it to be ………. 🙄

    Sabbi, dont worry its the norm, we tends
    to become abit cranky when we are feeling unwell.

    Hope you get well soon:)


    I was chatting with my mam yesterday; joking about women and men and the difference in our multi-tasking abilities and I was giving my hubby a bit of a hard time about his housekeeping skills while I was sick and much to my surprise – she gave me a proper rap on the knuckles….

    She reminded me that while I was laying in bed last week, getting better, my husband was working, cooking, cleaning and looking after 3 kids. When I commented that he had not hoovered, she scolded me that he had not hoovered because he was trying not to wake me.

    I’m such a cow….I felt awful when I thought about that!

    Unknown to me, she called a few times when I was asleep and he told her he was doing his best to keep the kids quiet and that he was sweeping the floor, instead of hoovering, so as not to wake me.

    When I thought about it, I realise he looked after really well while I was sick. He went to the chemist & shop for me several times, made me snacks, got me DVD’s and books and generally made sure I did nothing so I would get better.

    Some women complain their partners don’t appreciate them – I think the shoe is on the other foot here. I’m almost better now so I’m going to do something really nice for him this weekend to say thanks.

    Any thoughts or ideas for something nice to do for husbands, please send my way!!


    candlelit dinners, romantic jazz, bit of dancing, bit of wine, bit of smooching, bit of massage oil & whatever happens after that happens! LOL 🙂


    Yeah your a right cow 😆 😉


    Thanks Taylor!! (LOL)

    Sure, half the battle is in admitting when you’re wrong so I’m getting there I hope….

    Jeez, Missy G – you could write for Mills & Boon!!! Saucy stuff – you’ve given me loads of ideas…thanks

    We are going to the races on Thursday so that should be fun and then we’ll do something romantic at the weekend.


    What about booking a really really good golf course for a round of golf…. Im doing this for my husband (he’s brilliant around the house and has done LOADS of diy over the past few weeks while working 70 hour weeks)

    Its our anniversary this week dont know the date 😳 😳 😳 its either the 27th or 28th 😳 😳 😳 Need to get a hold of dh’s weddingring and check the date engraved!!!!

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