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    …..a christmas tree, lit and all in an apartment up at beechgrove. They also have decorations in the window. Cant believe it, Even though i would love to have mine up, I would be totally sick of it before Christmas.


    oh my god , that is just unbelieveable way way too early you would be sick of it by chirstmas. 😯
    Although we dont know why they have it up so early they could be going away for xmas ???? 🙄 🙄

    We will be putting ours up on 7th Dec , day after dh birthday


    ah really….oh how cool, would love to put my tree up but i would be shot, going up last weekend in nov….that’s for sure.love this time of year so magical…despite the gifts etc, just the whole excitment of christmas…..i always quite let down when it’s over….


    We have a two neighbours who put there trees up right after halloween, itwas after a few years of calling them nutters that I found out they are both American and put their trees up for Thanksgiving. I think the first week of Dec is plenty of time, might even leave it a bit later


    I would say a reasonable time to put up the tree would be anytime after November 25, right? Or would you think that is too early?


    That very early! As much as I love Christmas, its a bit early! We usually put ours up the first weekend in December, probably around the 6th/7th this year… love putting it up!!!


    American here, we are ALWAYS the first to put our decorations up in our estate (the LOOKS I’ve gotten, you’d think I was breaking a law or something LOL), we do it the weekend after Thanksgiving, can’t shake that tradition I’ve grown up with. I think its great that people decorate earlier and earlier every year, who doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy feelings when looking at twinkling Christmas lights? Puts everyone in a great festive mood. Going next week to buy a fullsized tree, as DD is at the age to appreciate Christmas for the first time this year, no more table-top trees! I’m so excited, isn’t it great how kids bring the magic of Christmas back for us?


    I love when the Christmas tree goes up. I will be putting it up the first week in december and i really can’t wait as we have 3 of them to put up this year. One for the play room one for the sitting room and one for the dining room (only a small one).

    I can’t wait 😀


    yep we’ll be first w/e in december – have to have the tree up for 12th dec for dh b’day E’s b’day is 25th Nov so the weekend in between – i’m looking forward to it but hoping E won’t pull it down 😆

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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