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    Girls I got my ceilings done on Friday and all I’ll say is WOW… (scole isnt allowed over as I know she will want one too :lol: :lol: )
    Ds1 is amazed its just breathtaking, as dh said today seeing is believing…. I would say any boy or litte girl would love this, Im half thinking of changing rooms with him, I went into ds1s bedroom and lay on the floor while he was asleep
    Ds2 woke last night and rather then standing up shouting for an hour or 2… I went in sat on the chair for a few minutes, he started looking at the ceiling saying "that" (so cute) he then went into his cot (no crying when I left, well dont think he noticed me leaving) and just lay there chatting to his ceiling and he was asleep in about 20 mins.

    Im lost for words and if you know me that doesnt happen often, its just utterly stunning and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for anyone with kids who dont like the dark, ds1 hasnt had his nightlight on for the past 2 nights and he said if he wake he wont be scared as he has his planets and stars.

    My MIL wants if as her christmas present :lol: :lol: :lol: I got the lampshades which are brilliant and would make a great stocking filler for xmas…. Anyone who wants to come and have a look feel free to text me, there is a guy from dh’s golf couse bringing his kids over to have a look :D :D :D
    If you havent seen them check out the site http://www.cosmicstarceilings.com

    The site is brilliant but multiply by 10 for the wow affect in real life iykwim…. Im delighted feel like a big kid, cant wait for some of the girls to see it.


    Hello everybody!!

    I would like to thank you Taylor for your lovely testimonial and also thank you for the oportunity to spend the day in your lovely house where i could paint your children bedroom and transform the ceiling into fabulous UNIVERSE! You’re right that the reaction of your Children was 100% WOW!! which was for me the best compliment!
    No surprise that Taylor wants to sleep under the stars too!! Ha ha
    Now, everybody has the oportunity to sleep beneath your own stars without sticking the Tacky plastic stars on your ceiling.

    Also i would love to invite everybody who wants to see Cosmic Star Ceilings for real, to Marshes shopping centre in Dundalk, where will be an Exhibition of our Glow in the dark Ceilings. The Exhibition starts on 31.10- 8.11. 2009. So see you next Saturday! You will be able to buy some of our glow in the dark Cosmic Lamp Shades and most of all VOUCHERS for Cosmic star ceilings!!!!!! ( Great gift for any occasion)!!!
    Everybody more than welcome!!!
    Should you have any guestions or comments contact me please on 0857352604 and do not forget to check http://www.cosmicstarceilings.com
    Have a lovely day everyone!!! and you Taylor enjoy your STARS!!!!


    couple of quick questions for you,
    we have trouble getting dd to sleep in her own room and have taken to putting her to sleep in our bed then carrying her into her cot (not ideal i know but it does get her to sleep most of the time, she has seperation issues so i’m looking for anything which might help to settle her to sleep on her own)
    1. do you think these ceilings would keep her awake?
    2. do you think they would look good even in a smaller room?

    might take you up on your offer and arrange to pop over and have a peek someday if you dont mind.



    Missymum ds2’s bedroom is small and it looks brilliant in his room, he also has seperation issues. He falls asleep in his cot okay, the problem is if he sees you leaving the room he just cries his eyes out….. as I said he wakes up at night and stand up shouting and laughing. The other night I sat with him and kinda showed him the ceiling, I then popped him into his cot and he was so distracted I could run out of the room without him even noticing me.
    Your very welcome to pop over just pm me, anytime is fine but for the best effect some evening or late afternoon when its darker would be best.


    I’ve seen it and it is amazing!! I would defo get it done…in my room, never mind the kids!! It really is a work of art. You better not bloody move house Taylor!! I know that when my son sees it he will nag and nag me for the same!! Please note, Santa cannot bring a Cosmic Ceiling on his sleigh!!!


    But he could bring a lightshade or a voucher 😆 😆 😆


    taylor, thanks for your reply, going to give it some serious thought, and get a quote, anything that helps right?


    Sounds fab! Any chance of getting a pic up??


    Havent got pictures yet, we cant find our tripod… needs to be on a tripod as the nightime setting doesnt use a flash but shutter stays open for about 5 seconds so even a slight wobble will blur the photo……. dh going into the attic tomorrow to look so hope to have photos up on facebook soon
    Yvonne can you confirm the date for Red mountain? Thanks


    Hello everybody!!
    How are you? We hope very well!!
    This is just a quick reminder that our Exhibition Starts 31.10-08.11. 2009 in Marshes Shopping Centre Dundalk. Second part of the Corridor( near Penneys).-( Santas Grotto)
    Come to see what happens when you switch off the lights in your bedroom or your child room!!!
    Everybody more than welcome!! You’ll be able to buy some glow in the dark gifts and discounted Vouchers!!!
    Looking forward to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Martin from Cosmic Star Ceilings!


    I was only telling one of the girls about this, she wants to pop over and have a look


    Hello everybody again!!

    Yes our exhibition ends on Sunday 8th of Noveber!!!
    I would like to thank to all of you, who made it to Marshes shopping centre and saw our Cosmic star ceilings for real!! Seeing is believing!!! Do you know what was the 99.999999999% reaction for our glow in the dark ceilings?
    WOOOW, WOOOW!!! Yes, we had some traffic in Santas grotto in some moments. It is great when people realize that it is painted on the ceiling and not stickers!! Great fun i have to say and i loooveee it so much to make you so happy!!
    Thank you again!!
    The rest of you are more than welcome!!!!
    ( Do not forget, that our vouchers are discounted by 10% during our exhibition)!!!
    Good luck see you soon….

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