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    Just watched my daughters dvd of her First Holy Communion and I look desperate in it.

    Every lump and bump that I have can be seen. I actually look pregnant in it. I have really tried very hard to shift the weight and thought leaving the house that morning that I looked great. I sure as hell felt great. Until today.

    I could physically get sick looking at it. I am so down in myself now and I dont even want to eat anything.

    I probably should have went for a dark coloured dress instead of bright.

    I am really ashamed of myself and knowing that all the other mums will be watching the dvd makes me cringe.

    I am really really low at the moment :-(


    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so down,Im sure you dont look bad,women are their own worst critics & can be exrta hard on themselves.try not to be so hard on yourself as it sounds like you have been working hard to lose weight.

    You may see bumps & lumps as you call them but im sure in your family & friends eyes they see you as perfect.


    Hi Haileysmum

    Thanks for that.

    Usually things like this dont matter to me – but its just when I saw the video it made me cringe.

    In hindsight I should have went for a dark coloured dress because it safe.

    I know that I will never be a size O but as they say the camera never lies and by good it made its point perfectly clear.

    It has given me a major wake up call if nothing else!!


    Look did you feel beautiful on the day and i bet you looked amazing even with your lumps and bumps, why should you wear black, yes you might have a lump here and a bump there, who doesnt!! Im sure your husband loves you just as you are and im sure you DD had a fab day with a happy mammy.
    I think we do judge pictures and videos of ourselves more harsh than others would, you might notice but i bet none of the other mums noticed your bumps they only noticed their own lumps and bumps….. I was at a comunnion 3 weeks ago and im on new medication and as a result have put on about 8Ibs, im very bloated and swollen all over!! I wore a low cut summer top and i thought i looked great, untill dh made a comment at i was showing a bit too much cleavage, I was looking straight across at my reflection but as he said im very small so most people would be looking down at me!! 😳 😳 😳
    I soooo dont want to see the photos of myself, but hey i had a great day and i have just switched not new meds so maybe i wont be as bloated and get back down a few pounds.
    Dont get upset at the video, use this anger and negative feeling to spur you on to get out and about moving, go for a walk in the evenings, do a few sit ups, join slimming world or just eat healthy foods, turn this negative feeling into a positive reaction xxxx


    Hi Taylor

    Thanks a million for that.

    I know that it has definitely given me a wake up call for sure.

    The fact that I was also in the front row makes me really stand out!

    Hopefully some day when I get to the shape and weight I want I will be able to look back at the video and laugh at myself instead of feeling ashamed.

    Until then the video wont be getting viewed by anyone only my daughter!!


    Try not to be too down , I am afraid the camera does lie and and as a photographer I can vouch for that….especially video cameras.

    Was watching my own daughters communion dvd the other day too and tbh I didn’t look as good as I thought I had done either..

    It was a rubbish dvd and he took unflattering angles of everyone walking in to the church..I was raging and could have done a much better job.

    Honestly cameras do lie and I bet you looked great.

    I am a size 20 and get real annoyed sometime at not being able to find clothes to fit so I can sympathise.

    Everyone said how fab I looked on the day, and in decent photos I looked way better than the DVD.
    Even my mum said I looked great and she never pulls any punches 😯 🙄

    Don’t get obessesed hun, once you eat mainly healthy and excersise a bit and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle then all is good, life is way to short to be worrying about stuff like this.

    Our kids won’t look back and remember how fat or thin we were but instead they will remember all the fun stuff we did and time spent with them.

    Most people have hang ups and I can bet you a million quid all the other mums won’t be looking at you but instead looking and finding flaws with themselves!!!

    As I am walking in to the church I look like I have been shot in the head as I am holding my hair down as it was windy 😆 😆

    I will give you a laugh i was on the lap top the other day editing some photos and was engrossed , I must have pressed a button which flicked on a camera as sudden;y this scary gloomy grey jowly ugly looking face was looking at me from the screen..I jumped a mile..but it was ME !!!
    😆 😆 😆


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