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    Hi everyone,

    My workshop at the end of March is almost full so I’ve added another weekend at the City North on March 1 & 2.

    The Gentlebirth weekend workshops combine birth hypnosis (deep relaxation for pregnancy and labour) and active birthing principles enabling couples to have empowered, confident birth experiences with or without medical intervention at home or at the hospital. You and your partner will leave the workshop excited about your upcoming births.

    In this 2 day interactive workshop you and your partner will learn the following:

    * Physiology of labour and birth
    * Fear Vs Relaxation in Labour – keeping adrenaline at bay
    * Breath awareness during pregnancy and labour
    * How our beliefs shape our birth experiences
    * Comfort measures for labour and birth (what you and your partner can do at each stage)
    * Self hypnosis for labour including techniques for mums and partners
    * Use of the birth ball and other tools in labour (including waterbirth)
    * Bonding with your baby before birth
    * Routine procedures in Irish hospitals and how to avoid unnecessary interventions
    * Being a confident birth partner
    * Creating and communicating an effective birth plan
    * Informed decision making for life
    * Birth positions
    * Breastfeeding, recovery tips and lots more.

    The workshop starts at 1pm on Saturday and ends at 6.30pm. On Sunday the class is from 9am to 3.30pm. Birth partners have a very specific role to play in helping to facilitate the kind of birth you want so they are very much encouraged to come along.

    PM me for more details.

    Tracy :D


    This is a great clip of a hypnobirth (not graphic)…..and what a gorgeous bathroom…..:D




    Wow that clip was fantastic, the hubby was great support but if he was mine I think I would have shove that camera somewhere 😆 😆 😆
    That clip should be shown to mums to be, it a great relief to see positive clips of child birth, not like the crap you see on tv with the mums shouting blue murder from 1cm 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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