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    hi all, im new to this site and im just looking for some advice. my son is 2 months old and is drinking every 2 hours during the day and 2 to 3 hours at night,,his drinking around 4 or 5 oz each time,ive tried to up his ounces but this doesnt work as he tends to fall asleep as soon as the 4/5 oz are gone,,
    alot of my friends have suggested i change his formula from aptamil number 1 to the aptamil for hungary babies? I dont have a problem with tryin this but wondered has anyone else changed to this formula and if so did it have any side affects? or did it help baby sleep for longer than 2 hours??? these sleepless nights are exhausting…….


    I would stay away from the hungry baby formula. Ireland is one of the only countries that sells it as the Irish market seems to be OBSESSED with keeping children quiet and sleepy for abnormally long amounts of time.

    The hungry baby formula has potato starch as an ingredient that is very hard to digest thus keeping baby fuller for longer and will pile on the pounds QUICK!! Though there are no studies linking the two, I would venture to guess that this formula is responsible for a lot of the digestive problems children in this country have.

    Your son is still very much a newborn at 8 weeks and it isn’t standard for a baby this young to sleep through the night. Be patient and enjoy this time as it flies by. Are you able to get someone to help while you get a break during the day?

    Your son wont be able to physically take more than 4-5 oz as the size of his stomach is only a little larger than a chicken egg.

    Sounds to me like your son is going through a growth spurt.


    So sorry for you Jack, its hard when they are newborns and waking alot. Just wondering,are you giving him any drinks of water in between feeds? he may be thirsty? Boiled cooled water can be good for baby.

    Not sure what age the hungry baby formula is suitable from, do you have a Public Health Nurse or GP you can talk to?

    I agree with what Caligal said, you are exhausted and need some help, do you have someone who can watch him for an hour or two and let you get down for a nap?

    Being a new mum is tiring so do not be afraid to ask for help, a few naps and you’ll feel much better and hopefully he will settle down soon too.

    Good luck, hope he settles soon but remember, this is only short term, as he grows he will sleep longer.

    take care of yourself, plenty of snacks and rest as much as you can.


    I had my DS on hungry baby SMA for about two weeks but had to take him off it again. It caused him to get really constipated and if im honest made no difference to his feeding! Now have him back on SMA gold and he’s getting on grand! He’s 9 weeks old and will go from 12am-7am without being fed! Unfortunetly still waking up at half 5! He’s fed every 4 hours during the day. On 6ounces per feed except for 11pm where he is on 7 ounces.
    My DD was sleeping from 10pm-8am without waking from 6 weeks and being fed 5 ounces every 4 hours during the day also on SMA gold!


    hi all, thanks for your replies i spoke to my public health nurse about changing over and she said even though it says on the box of formula that its ok to use from birth,that they dont recommend it until from 6 weeks old, she didnt have a problem with me giving it ago, but just warned me about constipation, she explainded that the only difference with the hungary baby feed and the normal feed is that there is more protein in the hungary baby feeds.
    i have started him on the hungary baby feeds 5 days now, i only use it for the night feeds though, and he hasnt been constipated and is sleeping longer at nights than he use too 🙂 🙂 , will see how it goes anyway and as its only been 5 nights now thats he is on it..


    Hi Jack, I switched my son over to the hungry baby formula at 12 weeks and never had a problem. My DD stayed on the normal Aptimil until she was one but my DS was just so hungry all of the time and didn’t settle for more than 2 hours (maybe even 1 hour) at a time at night.
    I was worried about him possibly becoming constipated but that didn’t happen. I found it great.
    Best of luck.

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