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    Hey Ladies

    Did you know that as of Monday unless you have a medical card you will not be able to have your bloods done in the laurances centre..

    I get my bloods done every month and i go to the laurance centre but now they have closed that option to anyone whodoes not have a medical card…I will have to go to my GP and it will cost me €25..this on top of paying €160 per month for medication(some of the meds are not on the drugs payment scheme)..so now its going to cost me €185 each month before i pay a bill or get the shopping…

    I wouldnt mind if i was getting bloods done as a once off but you would think there would be some sort of allowance, but there isnt…

    Its absolutly disgraceful that once again anyone who is working and paying taxes is being screwed by this system…


    Hi Chickpea..that is disgraceful & i am fuming along with you 😡

    have you asked in your doctors for a special rate? i know i used to pay 10 euro sometimes for my bloods in doctors if I couldnt go to HSE clinic…but at full price it was 15 euro..maybe they will make exception at GP’s for you??


    The nurse in Balbriggan Medical Centre charges 15 euro to do bloods I think…you could ask them?

    what about going to the hospital into the lab? would they do it for you there?


    hey guys

    ive been to the hospital lab today and they said its only people who are sent from the consultants that they do..it was actually there that i found out about the laurances…

    i havent been to my gp yet but ill ask when i have to get my first lot done…disaster..


    My mam has a medical card and she has to pay 20euro for her bloods to be done in the GP’s, its Free if she goes to the hospital, but she is in her 70’s and the bother and cost of a taxi (if weather is bad) and having to q, just isnt worth it….. she said to the Gp that she found the 20e expensive on her pension, he said 10e should cover it


    I know we didnt qualify for a medical card a few years ago but I added up what the costs would be for the people who had long term treatments in our family and then reapplied with this information. I got the medical card for the people who had long term medical problems with costly treatments only. Not sure if this could be an option for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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