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    Was at the Bagel Bar this morning – so wonderful to be part of a girlie gang of moms!
    I’ve an almost-1yr boy and live in Laytown.


    It was mad there this morning!! So many mums but it was brilliant. It is so great to have a regular event like that and the centre are so good giving us free parking and also the bagel bar are generous with the free food (I ate so many crepes today….)

    Glad you made it and enjoyed it.

    We have another event on this Thursday at 10am Bagel Bar Dundalk and then again next month, on the 1st Tuesday, which is 1st Dec, at the Laurence Town Centre in the morning 10.30am and an afternoon event at 2pm, Cafe Kylemore Scotch Hall (again, free parking and loads of offers for Mumstown mums)

    So loads to choose from….

    Hope to see you at another event soon and happy chatting on here in the meantime!


    Hi I Burger, yeah it was good fun today, glad you enjoyed it. There were so many people there! As an auntie, rather than a mum, it felt like there were kids everywhere! great atmosphere thuogh 😀 Hope to see you Friday morning at Bettystown Court hotel for scones at 11ish 😛


    Hi Iburger
    Glad you came and had a good time. it was my first time too. hope to meet more mums next month also. everyone was so nice.


    Hi I enjoyed our chat 😆


    Hey I Burger!

    Twas great to meet you… and between you, Missysmum, Beamum and the rest (I’m still trying to remember all)…. made for a very pleasant morning in the company of all the gals!

    See you Friday?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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