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    What a Christmas!!

    After all the snow and worry about getting everything in time, Santa arrived without delay and the day went off without a hitch. The kids were thrilled and we had a lovely day at home together.

    Family came to visit that morning, to add to all the excitement. It was so nice to be together and have a laugh at seeing how excited the kids were. Less presents this year but just as much excitement – if not more so than previous years!!

    Thanks to my hubby for the yummy Christmas dinner, its his specialty dinner and it was delicious.

    One of the best bits was a power cut at 9pm Christmas night – we were in candle light for over an hour so the kids put on a show, including a weather report and the news – with singing of course! Special memories…will always remember it, so adorable!

    Hope you all had a good one too :D :D


    Glad to hear that your Christmas went without a hitch – it always makes it so much more enjoyable and yes thankfully the weather was a bit better, however for those of us – like me and my family who had to travel to the airport area on Christmas Day, it was a bit hairy but we made it there and back in one piece.

    I’d say it’ll be memorable for you Sabbi & family – what with special entertainment from the kids – sure who needs tele and the same movies every year!!! (hopefully u got it on camera too…. 😉 ) 😀 Hopefully we’ll be treated to the same in the next few years when my two are a bit bigger….can’t wait -those are what memories are made up for life and ofcourse the expressions on their faces when they realise that the stocking on the bed had been filled with a few small bits from Santa – HUGE surprise & priceless expression in the morning 😀

    So here’s to a great Christmas after all the snow & dodgy roads and an even better 2011 😀


    Sounds like you all had a good Christmas

    I had a great time too, my ds got a great shock on Christmas morning when he seen his own laptop… i wish we could have captured those moments and my dd was delighted with everything that she got..

    We did Christmas Vigil on Christmas eve, it was nice and on Christmas morning we had family in the morning and we had alovely dinner – Grandma showed her darling son all the secrets.. Beautiful dinner as always .. in the evening we visited my dads and step mon… everyone was there… Had a great time

    Christmas Night my dh and grandma headed off to a lovely Christmas Mass

    Stephens Day – Grandma headed home after mass , we packed bags full of goodies for her… She thanked us so many times for sharing Christmas with her… A neighbour called in yesterday evening.. we played games and had a good chat.

    Today – we got up early, headed to Swords went to see Gullivers Travels, did some shopping and popped into Burger King and had some Whoopers…

    Tomorrow dh is back to work….


    All your xmas stories sound great, the power cut and the concert is just brilliant!

    We didnt see any family this christmas, we made a choice not to Drive to Dublin with the roads and 2 sick kids. We all have viral infections, but i think its the flu have never felt like this in my life…. the boys as sick as they were (temps of 41.3 so was thinking of A&E at one point) put on smiles and still tonnes of excitement…. very very relaxed, lots of yummy food and a few walks, other then that it was on the sofa watching movies in our quite time when ds2 is napping or lying on the floor playing with all the santa loot…
    We didnt spend too much, got loads of bargains, the most expensive cost was books but dont mind that….. the best toy in the house were ben 10 flying discs that i got for 25c on sale in Heatons 😯 😆 😆 😆
    All and all a great xmas, delighted too see the back of the snow and get back to normal, i just wish it would go a bit slower its flying along, the kids will be back in school before we know it boo hoo


    my christmas day was crap 🙄 🙄 no water for the cattle again… freezing cold , took ages to milk the cows . hands nearly frozen off me …was working til 6pm… thank god the snow is gone… was walking an average of 16 miles everyday giving out water – great for my weigh loss … hopefully next year will be better 😳


    Noelween sorry to hear about your not so great christmas.
    Our was nice, not over yet.
    Kids had the first part away.
    They’ll discover more present when we get home.
    My daughter asked me when I told her that the cats were ok (news from babysitter who sometimes minds our children sometimes our cats), she ask me did she said that Santa came.
    I told her he came to her house.

    Nice christmas but next year it willbe at home and looking forward to it.



    bit rubbish to be honest, everyone sick….some worse than others 🙁
    only saving grace was the kids were thrilled with everything that they got, especially the surprise gifts!
    even now still not well, and am officially bored, no good gifts to play with, hints throughout the year completely went over everyones heads!! am sooo not ungrateful with what i got but i think esp dh would have been better giving me 50 euro instead of what he got me 🙁


    noeleen & travel girll sorry to hear not that great a day

    I actually enjoyed our christmas day – LOVED LOVED the girls faces on christmas morning – even if dd2 did disturb santa setting up pressies ended up running up &down the stairs to her but santa made good choices this year – nothing too expensive – dd got a guitar micrphone & stand she’s been asking for it since June cost €30 and i got as part of 3 for 2 in argos. She also got Leapfrog Tag system which she is loving. dd2 got my pal violet (taylor she loves it! goes to the cot with her ever since 🙄 and every where else too) she also got a doll (€10) which she is carrying around and feeding all the time.
    We were always to be home alone the 4 of us on xmas day so was fine, totally chilled, lovely meal, lots of playing BUT bedtime all went askew, dd1 was very ill and then when i got her settled was my turn, was so ill had to cancel my mothers traditional Stephen’s day 😥 😥 BUt we all rescheduled for Tues and had a great day
    in work today but hopefully only for a few hours. Hope everyone manages to enjoy New Year


    Great to read every ones Xmas days!!

    Well Xmas is officially over today as DH went back to work, he had nearly 3 weeks off this year which was fab, we love lounging around at home and never get bored of each others company doing absolutely nothing which I suppose is good news 😆

    It was a perfect Xmas everything was just as I like it..tonnes and tonnes of yummy food, loads of film watching, loads of playing games, loads of Baileys and traditions.

    All dd’s presents went down a treat, she was very well treated by Santa this year..the Xbox Kinect was a blast and her mp3 player were probably the favourites.

    I got some books and perfumes so I was happy enough.

    Health wise I did get my annual Xmas bad cold but luckily it came early enough that I was on the mend come the big day, dd wasn’t top top form as she got it too but it didn’t detract too much.

    Happy New Year to all


    We had a lovely Christmas this year. The excitement from the 2 boys was great even though DS1 is a non believer.

    We also had another reason to celebrate this Christmas as my brother and his wife had a little (well not so little 9lb15.5ozs) baby boy on the 22nd Dec and she got home from hospital on Christmas Eve just in time for Santa to arrive.

    New Years eve was great too. Just had a few friends over and stayed up talking and drinking till the wee hours.

    Roll on next year….

    Oh and to top it all, I won tickets to Christmas on Ice on here so hoping to go to it on Sunday.

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