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    Often first time mums feel that everything is out of their hands when it comes to the care during pregnancy and birth…there are so many policies, conflicting advice etc that many mums2be hand over all decision for their labours to their caregiver and just HOPE for the best.

    It’s more than possible to have a great birth in Ireland by knowing what YOU want and asking the right questions. Being an active participant in your antenatal care is crucial so you can make informed decisions about what happens to you and your baby.

    Here’s a positive article from the Sun … 745252.ece

    It really is a good idea to find out the answers to these questions before you choose a hospital/consultant. You’ll feel much more confident knowing that you’re giving you and your baby the best chance at a normal birth.

    Asking open ended questions is important. See how two questions get different answers when they are phrased differently.

    Mum2be – "I don’t want an episiotomy"
    Dr. B – "I’ll only do it if it’s necessary"

    What does this tell us about Dr B and this routine procedure? Not a lot really. What’s necessary to one caregiver might not be to another… So lets change how we word the question to find out more.

    Mum2be – "I really don’t want an episiotomy – how often do you find it necessary to do them……how many of your patients end up with episiotomies" ?

    Dr.B – About half of my patients get them………….

    So you can see from the answer if you choose Dr.B it’s fairly likely that you’re going to get one. Research shows that they are rarely needed….but in Ireland it’s still quite a routine procedure. The answer you WANT to hear is – "I rarely do them…haven’t done one in months"

    Now we’re getting somewhere !

    You can use this also to find out your caregivers views on induction.

    The answers to these questions will demonstrate to you whether you and your caregiver are on the same page – or not. You don’t want to be finding this out in labour



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