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    Just getting breakie this morning and one of my daughters popped her milk into the microwave to heat it for her cereal and popped toast into toaster……got a conversation going about things we didn’t have as kids growing up and how much technology there is in the home now.

    Microwave – Mum got her 1st microwave 24yrs ago this yr. Had mealtimes together as couldnt really heat up food again…no quick meals either.

    Freezer – 1st fridge/freezer was xmas 1980. My daughter couldn’t believe we didnt have literally any frozen foods like chips, pizza, burgers etc…most food was prepared fresh.Even with the freezer we frooze our own foods.

    – One tv that had push buttons and no such thing as a remote control….only 5 stations to choose from too……and that was good. some people only had rte1 & 2! Parents got 1st colour tv when I was born in 1971.

    Telephone in the house
    – we had one telephone attached to the wall in the hall. For privacy we went down to the payphone box to make calls.

    No dvd players/recorders – We raced home as kids to watch a favourite programme as there was no 2nd chance to see it again. A trip to the cinema was magic to see a film on such a big screen and see it first.

    Video Cameras – My dad got the first video camera for my 9th birthday in 1980. He was one of the first to do so as far as I know and it was amazing to see ourselves on tv. Mind you it took two big boxes hung from each arm, a bit light set up in the corner and this massive camera that you would nearly have to do body building before you could lift it. But it worked and still have the video of my 9th birthday :oops:

    Internet – the library was as high tec as it got for info. I remember doing school projects and spending Saturday sitting in the old library on Fair Street getting info.

    Fast food
    – I don’t know when the first Chinese Take-away, PIzza take-away etc. came into town but all I remember was a bag of chips as a treat.

    I-Pods – I remember getting a tape-recorder off Santa one year. Best part of the weekend was listening to the charts on radio and taping the songs you liked……and the radio wasnt built in to the tape-recorder….I literally held the tape up to the radio and had warned everyone downstairs to be quiet…….least I wasn’t bored!!! :)

    Computer – We got our first computer about 25yrs ago..a Mitsubisi. To play a game we had to load a tape into the tape player and load it to the computer each time wanted to play a game.Graphics so basic but we thout was magic.Didnt have any concept of a printer…… just so basic.

    Dishwasher – 1st dishwasher came into our house in 1980. Wow. It was amazing… washing dishes by hand.

    Suppose we were lucky growing up as both my parents were mad into technology and tried all the gadgets….they still are to this day….Mum would still have been the first in the family to try bluetooth phones, Tefal actifry etc. and if she finds it good we go get it!!!! Dad loves computers and technology and again even though both in their 60’s they’d put younger people to shame they are so bang up to date with technology.

    Just was interesting talking to my daughter how much we take for granted now…….I’m in my 30’s but there have been major changes in how we live now and when I was a kid.



    Hey I remember watching back your 9th Birthday video. Remember the maxi dresses!!!!! 😳 😳


    We always had a dishwasher….. it was me! 😆 😆 😆

    I remember we got a vhs video player and my dad got ET on Pirate for us, my friends came over and we had soda stream drinks and icecream. One of my friends told me about 15 years later that she will never forget that day as it was such a treat. Try tell that to kids now 🙄 🙄 🙄

    Do you remember you only got crisps and minerals at christmas….. I remember when we got a toasted sandwich maker, we toasted everything for weeks 😳 😳 😳


    God that brings back some memories….4got the maxi dresses….every birthday party we had to wear it..wonder how that all started…….Dad has all the tapes on the old beta video but I must get some transfered to dvd and watch them….do you remember our mothers doing the chicken dance in siobhans back garden one year at our summer show!!!!!!! We thought our shows were gr8. Dad has one or two of those taped too…..its mad to think we were so young and now my kids are older than that.



    God, i am now laughing out loud at the computer. Don’t remember the chicken dance, would love to see that, but remember the shows we used to put on. God i used to think i was a great singer. Remember we did FAME one year, sure i thought i was the bees knees. God those were the days.

    Was just talking to Siobhan today about when we were younger we used to collect fancy paper. My boys are now swapping songs on their mobile phones. 😳 😯 We used to get great craic out of playing elastics, never see kids doing that nowadays.


    god i had a huge collection of fancy paper – wonder were it went (my mother probably flung it!)


    Yeah…..4got the paper…..was some of itsmelly paper too…I think! That was a big thing…….Remember we charged people in to see the shows and think gave the money to Oliver Murphy…… amazing the things I’m remembering……we were so innocent.


    Sure we use to RENT the video player (no such thing as recorders then) from a local shop on special occasions. It was such a treat, the excitement of it.

    God, i loved the soda stream.


    A great thread! Yes I remember most of those things being new too!!

    I remember our first washing machine we all sat and watched it spin round and round!! I used to help my Nanna put wet clothes through a mangle!!

    E.T on pirate 😀 we had that too!!!


    i remember our first Stero system – god we were so excited – first single played on it was Paul Young – Love of the common people


    LOL this brings back memories! I was born in the 1980s but I still remember recording songs from the local radio station on weekends! Wow, seems like it was a century ago.


    smiling reading these……i thout the soda stream was soooo cooool.loved pressing the button to put the gas into the water….
    Suppose the kids today are the same really just there getting excited about ipods, bebo etc. the same way we got excited over a videoplayer or sodastream maker.

    Just thinking of ‘elastics’ too…..that was a real big craze….remember putting the elastic between 2 chairs at home and practising (not that it did much good) 😳



    oh god i loved elastics, being 5ft 6 from the age of 12 helped me alot until the rules of no over the knees came in then everyone bet me hahahahahahaha.

    fancy paper i had thattoo.

    we also had a commodore 64 and we played trivial pursuit all the time and i rem being allowed to stay up late to watch the wrestling and prisoner cell block h.
    dont rem getting vidoe player ( i was only born in 1983) but do rem getting out first computer with internet connection.

    anyone rem carpet coats, joe bloogs jeans, puff jackets in black grenn red etc and green air max teamed with umbro tracksuits 😆 😆 😆 😆

    oh i LOVED recording my songs from th radio stations too 🙂


    Elastics!!! Loved it, but was terrible at it! 😳 Opposite reason to Yummy, was too short – hated when it was high…

    Loved fancy paper too!


    carpet coat……thats exactly what it looked like…..and I had one… 😳 I bought it in London in Petticoat Lane and loved it when I bought it… warm…..but looking back it was hidious…..

    Talking of clothes remember wanting everything black…so my mum dyed a few things, jumper, coat, I remember black with a dye in the washing machine. Didn’t have lots of clothes…think definately so much more fashion out there for younger kids…not a bad thing, just different.


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