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    My baby is growing into a little girl. She is so independent and strong willed. It seemed to happen overnight.

    Yesterday, I walked into her bedroom to find little miss – 15mths, climbing into her cot. She is some devil for climbing. She put her foot on the frame, grabbed on with two hands, pulled herself up, foot onto the mattress and then managed to swing her little leg onto the top and pull herself up. After balancing herself for a few seconds, she then threw herself into the cot and then gave a big happy laugh!

    Needless to say, today, the cot has become a cot bed.


    My little daughter starts school in a few weeks and I am already teary at the thought – how is she 5 already??!! It just flies by…


    gosh mammycool i remember chatting to you just after you had her and i was waiting on my dd2! who incidentally is 14months next tues and we’ve had to fold up the toy buggy in our sitting room it’s a decent size and pretty strong and madam uses it to climb onto the window sill 😮 I left her room for what 20seconds last week and the minx climbed onto the ARM of the rocking chair in her room to reach stuff – she’s put the heart sideways in me a few times! I can’t believe she’s a yr already, tell you though she’s alot more mischievous and adventurous than my dd1!


    Mine too. I think the 2nd has to be more independant because the 1st is busy taking all the attention until they start moving.

    You forget what mischief they get up to so quick! My ds when he was about 2, called me out, just as he jumped onto a flattened box and slid head first down the stairs – as I screamed from the bottom. He thought it was brilliant. I put the box in the recycle bin!


    God mammycool to climb out is one thing to be able to climb in is another 😯 She is good 😆 😆 😆 How is the cot bed my ds 21 months is starting to climb out (but he sleeps in grow bags) so this limits him, i was going to turn into cot bed but dont want him to be like a yoyo at night time, any advice?


    dd learned how to get out of grow bags when she 18 months she used to wiggle out of them dunno how she done it she was like a mini hudini :lol:. as for the cot climbing i went up one night as the room was really quiet too quiet for my liking dd was sitting on on my bed with 2 50 euro notes on my bed them nearly is little pieces i said her how did you get them she said mammy me climb like monkey my bag was on the top of my chester drawers all the drawers were out like steps 😳 😆 .


    Oh my god – that would be a bit of a shock. You will have to get some locks for your drawers! Or lots of sellotape for your money!

    Taylor – the cot bed is going fine. She has not got out once. She likes her sleep. She goes down happily and will not get up when she wakes in the morning. If she hears you, she will call you, and once you go into her, she will get up then. I keep the door shut as the handles are high and she cannot open that yet – so maybe she knows and just does not bother.

    She was in a gro-bag until recently but it got too hot – she has settled nicely with the coverlet.

    My ds, when he finished with the cot, was another matter – he went straight to a single bed cos I needed the cot. He got up a couple of times a night for three or four nights.


    she is 4 now most of my worries are over now i think 😆


    You think – she has a mind of her own now. Long way to go before she is all grown up.


    my ds decided to climb out of the cot on valentines jus as we were about ti sit dwn for a romantic meal so the nxt nite he went into the bed luckily it was a cotbed.its nearly 6 months now n doing really well in the bed,he has only started coming into us in the mornin but i was only sayin to my fiance the other day how fast he is growin up n now going to playschool in nov,im gona b devasted the only thing is im due 2nd baby first wk of nov so its not like ill b bored for long, 😀 .

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