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    Just wondering how old are your Goldfish?

    I got one for my ds when he was 3, he will be 10 in November and Doddles swims around his bowl happly

    He spits stones at the bowl when he is hungry….


    We got our goldfish when dd was 6 months. She is almost 8, so that makes ‘Gretel’ 7.5

    So I guess we’re about the same. Although, I can’t understand how she is lasting so long. We have gone through loads of other goldfish who have died within a month 😕


    Our fish has been over fed and under fed

    The kids love him..


    Is there a knack in keeping them alive??!!!! We got two for our DD some months back and one lasted 2 days and the other 9… 🙄 😳 We are thinking of getting more, as DD loved them.


    Hi Girls 🙂

    Dont really knows how old is mine goldfish we hav quite plenty of them..

    And in singapore fish-keeping is still a popular hobby almost every home you see a tank in some corner some kept as a hobby some do it because of Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese belief that luck and prosperity can be affected by possessions in our environment. Feng Shui focuses on chi energy, or life force energy. Feng Shui aquariums are common items in homes that are laid out according to Feng Shui basics.

    The movement of fish and water in an aquarium activates and enhances chi energy in your home. An aquarium designed according to Feng Shui basics can bring good luck and wealth to a household. Fish help with positive Feng Shui energy by cleansing a home of negativeenergy.

    Yvonne, dh says its during the fish-tank cycle…
    The fish will at risk early stage in the new tank thats called tank-cycle..
    The fish tank needs to be running for a week, b4 you put any fish into it ..
    and lst few weeks needs water changes 20%


    Very interesting

    I enjoyed reading that.


    We just got a goldfish in a plastic bowl! Its on the window sill in the kitchen and he loves to look out the wndow!! 😆
    Ive caught DD1geting up early trying to get up to him she wants to bring him up to her bed and read him a story! Bless.

    Smelly thing all he does is poo!! 🙄


    We has a gold fish for about 3 years, I got fed up and nearly killed them so my old childhood friend/ neighbour took them. She was going to her debs and we called down to see her and her mam told us that the two goldfish were the same ones we gave them… .this was about 13 years later, so the fish were about 15 or 16 years old.

    I know a man who breeds coycarp fish and he as a couple of fish in ther 20’s

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