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    Hi there,

    Im trying to lose at least seven pounds but hopefully a stone.

    I hate Gyms, actually im not into excercise at all, to tell the truth. Im not lazy, i dont sit on myass all day but just not a fan of excercise, have tried nearly eveything at one time or another.

    I cant afford WW.

    I have been cutting out the rubbish & have been walking with a friend.

    I just started this week, my friend is a walker & goes really fast, im finding it very hard to keep up with her already.

    Im only able to about 40 mins but she says that we need to be doing at least an hour!!! We are walking three days a week but she says we should be aiming for five days a week to lose weight?

    God, do you think that she is right?


    gradually try and build yourself up your friend is probably a pro … do what you can … i started doing a very small amount and now i have graduated to a bike !!!!


    I heard before that 30 mins 5 times a week is a good guide…. like Noeleen said, build up gradually and you will find that you will be able to keep up with your friend in no time!


    I am not having much idea about that but I am doing some basics exercise not for losing weight but to be fit, healthy and strong.
    1. I run for 4-5 kms every day early in the morning
    2. Then at evening I go to gym and do exercise for 32 hours
    3. After dinner I take a walk of 4-5 kms

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    Thats impressive…. 32hours! 😆 😆


    If you don’t like exercise that much, its about trying to find something you do like doing. Lab Fitness are great and have brilliant choice of classes and there is music and great teachers, so its good fun. and there are alot of mammies at them in t-shirts and leggings, so I did not feel frumpy when I went there – unlike some gyms I have been to which look like Spandex conventions!! they are doing 3 for 2 at the moment on classes so worth checking them out:

    You could also pick up a cheap DVD to do at home, I got Rosemary Conley (its a bit 80’s but good fun). I got a 3 pack for 7 euro and they are great. I like Fat Attack the best, my mum and aunt both got it too and also find it great. Its cheap andyou can do it at home and I think it works. You should aim do it about 2-3 times a week, as well as some walking. My kids think the DVD’s are hilarious and often jump in and do it with me and baby thinks Im a nutter and stares at me in her little chair!!

    I think the celeb DVD’s are a bit too expensive TBH so I got the one with Rosemary and normal people and its seems to be quite similar to the ones she does with the celebs, so all you’re missing is a famous face and lets be honest, they have personal trainers and chefs so I am not too keen to listen to them blab on about fitting exercise in when you’re a busy mum 😉


    Financial Companion

    It’s the overall picture, not just the quantity of exercise. Two people can do the same exercise but if they are eating different foods and/or have different metabolisms, then they will get different results.

    If someone is doing no exercise at all, then doing 40 minutes three times a week combined with (for example) cutting out bread and fast food, they should see steady drop but it’s getting to know your individual tolerance for exercise and food discipline. Ignoring the first week (as your ridding temporary storage) monitor over a couple of weeks, if there is little or no drop, slightly up the walking or slightly reduce the caloric intake (and drink plenty of water!) you’ll soon find where you need to be.

    Best of luck with it!

    P.S. Chewie, I thought the 32 hours in the evening was a bit excessive to be honest! 😆


    1 lb = 3500 calories.

    30 min of moderate walking burns approx 100 calories.

    You gotta burn more than you consume so less in and more out 😆

    So if you want to loose 2 lbs a week you need to have a weekly shortfall of 7000 calories or 1000 a day.

    Walking is good for the heart but not the best way to loose weight as the body is so adaptable and becomes highly efficient after a mere few weeks.If you really want to loose weight any weight/strength bearing exercise is the best as muscle burn 2x more calories at rest than the same amount of fat.

    IMHO It’s much harder to burn off calories consumed than to just consume less. I find the best way to loose weight is to walk a few times a week but cut out the rubbish from your diet or at least use lower calorie versions. The biggest change I made was to cut out all the butter/cream and oils I was using in my cooking.

    For example a slice of toast = approx 70 calories.
    1 tablspoon of butter = 102 calories
    1 tablespoon jam = 50 calories

    So that slice of toast with butter and jam that I was eating at 3pm with my cup of tea was adding an extra 222 calories to my daily caloric intake. I replaced this snack with and apple and a hard boiled egg totaling 150 calories and feel full longer and am less inclined to want to continue to snack…I made this one little change and lost 1 lb the first week alone as I was not snacking on other things after my tea n toast at 3pm.

    Did I work out any more that week? No I did the same moderate level of exercise but just consumed less. For me it’s easier to consume better quality calories rather than try to burn off all those biscuits and chocolate on the exercise bike!


    Wow – 1000 calories a day sounds like either very hard work on the exercise front or starving yourself!! (Assuming that you are not consuming a couple of thousand calories) What is considered healthy weight loss per week?


    The avg overweight person is probably consuming 3000 calories day easilly where as a woman should have 1800-2000.

    I am eating 1800 calories a day currently and am packed with food! As an example of my food for today:

    2 eggs cooked with frylight not butter
    8 mushrooms, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cup spinach
    1 slice wholemeal bread with butter
    3 cups coffee with skim m ilk
    1 apple
    1 banana
    2 satsumas
    mueller light yogurt
    chicken, pepper, mangetout, beansprout and mushoroom stirfry with eggnoodles
    1 pear
    1 kiwi
    pork steak with broccoli and carrots and brown rice
    1 litre water
    2 cups green tea

    Many whole foods are nutrient dense and low in calories. If I were to go to burger king and get a whopper, fries and coke that meal alone would be:
    whopper : 678
    large fries : 579
    large coke: 182
    Total :1439

    That meal from BK alone is 3/4 of your daily caloric intake and if you are like me, will be hungry again in 90 mins!!

    By eating whole nutritious foods and getting plenty of lean protein you will boost your metabolism and feel full for longer. 1-2 lbs a week is doable if you are focused but I say any weight loss is a positive one!

    Drink loads of water as it helps boost your metabolism and flush out toxins!


    Wow, I’m impressed that is one healthy diet – well done you. OMG, I was in Burger King last Saturday – cannot remember then last time before that but I had a cheeseburger, fries and coke(regular).

    I think we have all been a bit lazy over the Christmas. The kids are gone mad with all the sweets and biscuits around. Trying towean them back onto normal eating times and food.


    mammycool i didn’t think my pair got a lot of sweets until i finally got all the bits together and they both have a bag of chocolate goodies from selection boxes and santa didn’t bring any 😯 we’ve put the goodies in a bag each and if all meals are eaten and nicely eaten (trying to encourage sitting at table nicely without bouncing up and down and on and off seat) and proper use of knife and fork – then they can choose one thing from their bags (and only if they ask 😆 😆 )


    I did one of my fitness DVD’s at home yesterday and bopped around so much I was sweating in places I didn’t even know I could sweat from. It felt good to do it and hope it burned off a fair few cals as was at it for 45 mins!! Was knackered afterwards but managed not to collapse during it ( 😆 ) so reckon am ready for some more vigorous exercise soon and planning on going back to Lab Fitness withing next couple of weeks too – thats the one for toning up.

    Tomorrow doing a brisk 3km walk – I toned up great from walking after my previous baby so am hoping this will have the same effect this time. But its not just a gentle stroll I go for, its a fast paced walk that really builds up my heart rate and makes me sweat.

    All these things combined should help me get into a cute little dress I have my eye on…..


    Well done Sabbi – keep up the good work. I am trying to find time to get out and about myself.

    munchin – my kids are still working on a bag from halloween. The first time I brought them out and I was shocked with the amount of stuff they got. They also got selection boxes from various sources – not Santa. I try not to give them sweets during the week but my hubby is a devil for buying them rubbish – either when he is dropping them off or picking them up from the minder. My 2yr old is starting to demand sweets or biscuits – not hungry for meals! I don’t want to end up with two chubby kids!


    Throw them away! Kids won’t notice and 9 times out of 10 it’s us the moms that are snacking on it!

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