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    What is the "right" amount to give when going to a communion party for the child of a friend? Are there any guidelines in these times? And what about a niece or nephew?


    I would say, for the child of friend 10 euro and for a niece or nephew 10 or 20 euro – depending on your financial situation.

    My sister is not working at the moment so she put 10 euro in a card for my son (her nephew) and I was happy she did not put anything more, as it would have been unfair on her. My brother is working, so he put 20 euro in a card for my son.

    I am glad the days of 50 euro in a card are gone, that was madness and the kids were overwhelmed with all that money!!


    I have all my cards ready for the past few weeks, i was going to put 50e per niece and nephew (2 communioins and 1 confirmation) After posting up here for advice i revised my amounts, the 2 communion children are getting 25e, as my husbands niece is sharing her commuion with a cousin from her mums side of the family (I dont really know this child only see him at birthdays etc) he is getting10e in a card.
    My nephew making his confirmation is my God child so he will be getting 50e

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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