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    Just wondered – How much people spend on their Children?
    My neighbour has spent €1000 on each she has three.. It puts a lot of Hardship on families at this time….

    When we were younger Christmas was a big thing!!!

    Now kids get a lot – Birthdays, pressies etc.

    What do others think???


    1000 0n each child what is she nuts!!! my two are 0ne yr old and 3 in january then i’ll have the new baby too but i wouldn’t spend that much on all 3 combined….they wouldn’t care anyway….if they were older i still wouldn’t spend that much either

    I grew up watching my friends getting everything they wanted at christmas and birthdays and i’d be lucky to get what i got which wasn’t much, would of cost about £30 in total

    I think its crazy for people to spend that much just for one day on their kids when there are so many children and parents struggling to scrape something together just to buy food and pay bills


    my god, 1000 on each child. what is she buying them?

    i usually get my boys the main thing they asked for and a few surprises. this year its the wii and a bike so after that it will be a few small presents. they get loads from nanas and grandas and aunts and uncles too. its unreal how much they get. i wouldnt mind if you left them an empty shoe box they would probably get better fun out of that.


    OMG that is a shocking amount to spend to spend on kids! God take into account the other family gift and the food shopping and that person would have shelled out the guts of 5 thousand 😯 😯 😯

    I spent about 100euro on ds (he will be 2.5 at xmas) dh wants to get him another gift so it might go to about 150 euro.
    When we were kids we asked santa for one gift and a surprise, if we were lucky we got what we asked for. We always got a selection box and it was such a treat, we would be allowed to eat one bar before dinner (at 5pm) God how times changed 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆


    We would probably spend around two hundred euro on dd mind you we spend feck all on any one else 😆 and we try to get stuff which she will get a lot of use from.
    Stuff is very expensive these days and you dont get much for your money..however I definately think toy shops are such a con , all teh fancy packaging etc etc and then the toy inside when opened ends up under the couch after ten minutes to grow a dust jacket 🙄


    €1000 is ridiculous! We will be spending about €250 on DD – still a bit high considering all she will be getting from others, but we have already spent 90 on some things already and she wants a Dora Kitchen which is €120, so have another couple of things we want to get her too.


    €1000 each has she a screw loose, what could the kids possibly want that is costing €1000 EACH!!!!
    i spent €240 on my lad and another €50 on a pressie from me and thats his lot. madness, i no what i could do with €3k and it wouldnt be spent on ds 🙂


    I have noticed they get so much only play with it for a short time.

    €1000 includes electronic toys plus bikes plus little things

    Example – one is getting ipod / bike / nitendo ds lite 5 games plus other things

    It is horrible to watch…….


    so what is he going to do listen to the ipod and play the ds while riding the bike, thats madness. my ds only really asks for 1 big thing. he already has a ds and asked the other day for a wii i laughed at him, said when would he play the ds you know. thats shocking. what does she do for their b days?


    i’d never spend that much on dd… have never spent that much on myself for that matter!
    i reckon i’ll spend 50euro max on her pressies as she’s only 2 1/2 and will prob just play with the boxes anyway!!
    i’m asking all my family to get her clothes, books or vouchers for christmas as she has so many toys already… don’t know where we’d fit any more


    OK I might just get slaughtered for saying this but hey such is life

    I will be spending over 500 each on my 2 but they get very little durin the year birthdays an easter egg & thats it.

    Ry is getting a bike a tele/dvd combi (I went for the cheaper 1) a PS2 & a rake of dvds, nintendo & PS2 games, a spiderman duvet cover a spiderman bag for his DS & a few cars bits & bobs


    €1000 each is crazy – and If I had it lying around, Id still not spend it on christmas toys that would get little use. I’d spend it on decorating the house or a holiday or something like that.

    Kids can really take it for granted that they can get all they want at christmas, but if we had a recession, and had to tighten our purse strings – so to speak – the kids would wonder what happend to the good life, and wouldnt realy understand! That happened to us in the eighties, we were rich and spoilt, and then fell broke and were getting 2nd hand bikes all of a sudden, we didnt understand but it was embarrassing for a kid, you know how other kids can be cruel!! But this has made me not so much thrifty, but sensible and I would buy one quality, expensive thing, over a few crappy cheaper things.

    Ive bought a nintendo DS and game for my eldest girl, a Leapster and game for the 4yr old, and my two yr old will get play kitchen toys, a dora or diago bus and that’ll do! They’ll get theyr Santa stockings, and new clothes and things too. They get so much stuff from all their relatives, I’d rather take my kids out for meals, or to the cinema, and spend fun quality time with them than buy gifts that I dont have space for and that wont get played with anyway!



    Pink thats your choice, as you say they dont get too much during the year….. but (there is always a but)I believe start as you mean to go on! If you start spending huge amounts of money at a young age what do you do as the years go on?
    My nephew got a car for his 18th birthday, now my sisters dd will be 18 in December and she is lookiing for a new car too 🙄 Madness if you ask me.
    Pink I would rather cut back on what I would buy and use the money to pay for a holiday or bills. Most people use credit cards at christmas and spent the next year paying for ONE DAY!
    Remind me I worth this in a few years and spending a fortune on ds for xmas 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Ej God just reading your post, it sounds so like my childhood. We had a huge house in the mountains with tennis courts and then my dad went bankrupt in the mid 80’s. We had to move house and we couldnt afford to say in our schools, we all had our own motorbikes from about 2years old, then we went to having a secondhand push bike if we were lucky.
    I too buy quality things over cheap stuff, I was taught to believe invest well and it will last longer.
    God I hope we never have to return to the dark days of the 80’s


    I know my 2 don’t expect a big pile of stuff Christmas but love it when they get them. I promised myself this year no niggily bits that get hoovered up st stephens day 🙂

    I think most kiddies have a tele in their room but I made Ry wait coz I wasn’t forking out 150 euro on a random Monday for it (mean mammy 🙄 )

    L is asking for the odd thing now so gonna pin her down to a list (of 2) & a suprise this week so I can get hers done. She’ll get a tele/dvd too as a suprise either way and ds games & PS 2 games

    Now that I think of it think Santa can bring me the PS 2 for the family not just Ry 😀

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