How many Teeth?

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    Hailey is 2 now & has 12 teeth (6 on top & bottom) a hygenist friend of a friend said that she should go to the dentist as she should have 20 teeth by the age of 2.

    Am just wondering if any of you can remember if your kids had the full 20 when 2?.

    I dont think i would even be able to get Hailey to open her mouth for the dentist never mind them putting anything in her mouth.

    I am also going to start using toothpaste now that she is 2.I have been using water on the brush up till now as was advised by dentist.i dont think she would be able to spit it out so any tips for that?.

    Thanks :D


    Don’t go for the bubblegum kids toothepastes, they are full of chemicals and if she swallows a lump of it, it could make her sick.

    Go for something spearmint, as opposed to peppermintm so its easier on her mouth (or as my kids say, less spicy!) and start with the tiniest bit to get her used to it. Kids only need a smidgen anyway, otherwise they end up just swallowing it.

    Buy her a tooth brush with a character she likes on it, to encourage brushing and get her to do it herself if you can. There are tooth brushes in supermarkets that light up so the kids know how long to brush for.

    I am not sure about taking her to a dentist, she sounds very young for that but you can ask your local PHN and theyshould be able to advise you about how many teeth she should have.

    each child is so different so I would not worry too much about how many she has just yet, she is only 2. I must try and count to see how many our LO has tomorrow, she is 2 and 4 months.

    HTH 😀


    I have been using a toothbrush with water on it for the past year or so, she doesn’t mind the toothbrush, its just im introducing the toothpaste now. its Aquafresh mild mint for 2-6 year olds.

    Sabbi, ill be interested to know the result of your teeth count! 😀


    No harm taking her to the dentist, even if just to get used to the big seat. They usually don’t charge if they don’t get a look.

    I’m nearly sure my lads all got back teeth after age 2 – but brain is mush at minute….

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