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    Our children are off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Wednesday is a planning day and Thursday is St Patrick’s day so I understand why they are closed those two days but does anyone know why the schools are closed Friday?? Its not a public holiday and after all the snow and a recent mid-term, just does not make sense to me why they would close for a day like this unnecessarily?

    Guess we won’t be getting much work done this week!!??


    My boys are off on Thursday and Friday. They only got 2 days for midterm andthey usually get an extra day around May b/h but seen as they are already off for Easter at that time, they have the extra day this week instead.

    I dont think any of the schools have to make up the days they were off for the snow.


    We had a week off 2 weeks ago, so we only have 1 day off this week… just Thursday, it would have been nice to have Friday too


    DD only has Thursday off


    only off on thurs rightly so, they’ll have a load of days off come easter…

    also did you guys get a letter stating that coz of the croke park agreement that there will be mo half days or scholl missed for staff meetings etc?

    sabbi that’s a long few days (only thing you guys are an irish school and have events going)


    In fairness, our kids school is great, great curriculum, great after school activities and they learn musical instruments etc and are both coming on really well. Credit where its due, we are very happy we sent them there – just a bit miffed at them having 3 days off this week – won’t be getting much work done this week!! And its not as if I can go on the lash Paddy’s day with my bump!! LOL!! 😆 😆


    only 1 day off for us too….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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