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    Posted this in the Ttc section and some of the girls suggested i repost here also

    For those of you lucky mums ands mums to be, just out of curiosity how long were you trying for a baby before you became pregnant? and have you any tips for us hopeful mums :-D


    Everyone is different and it depends on alot of factors.

    for our first baby I had undergone surgery and was left with only one ovary and a damaged Fallopian tube – the surgeon said it would be very difficult for us to conceive so we stopped using contraception from our wedding day and I got pregnant on our honeymoon! That was very quick and unexpected.

    Last year we had a miscarriage and were trying for a baby soon after but it took almost 6 months because my cycle was irregular after the miscarriage. so that was a very different experience.

    it depends on so many factors. if you are worried and are looking for some ways to help nature along, I would recommend acupuncture. I had this last year after our miscarriage and it helped get my cycle back on track and definitely was helpful for conceiving. Went to Mark Bell in Drogheda, he is wonderful. Here is link to his website: … n=ButtonAd

    HTH and good luck.


    20 minutes 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    hi was trying for a year on my first 2 years on my second after 1 course of clomid i fell pregnant so frustrating waiting so long but so worth it 😉


    20 minutes 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Are you sure it wasnt 3 mins 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I have Endometriosis and it only took 3 months on my first pregnancy, during problems on my c section the consultant told me it was the worse case of Endometriosis she had ever seen, she said i should have never gotten pregnant, i went on to get pregnant 2 more times to the utter surprise of the doctors, both times getting pregnant in a few months.

    I did take Evening primrose oil and a vit B and zinc complex… i dont know if it helped but thats what i always took… i did buy ovulation kits (on line for about 20e for 30 sticks) i was ovulating about 4 days earlier thn i thought, i thought day 14 but it was as early as day 10 one month….. i know this sounds gross but if you watch your discharge, its a great sign of ovulation… if you google it, it will give you tips of what to look out for.
    Good luck and sending you some baby dust xxx


    i was a long timer few years on each DS..but i never gave up trying and hoping…

    my best tip is like taylor says get in touch with your cervical mucus discharge down below..literally..finger test and keep close eye on it..when it is its stretchiest, clearest and most abundant ur r ovulating 🙂

    also take yr vits and if poss avoid all processed foods or cut down at least…

    good luck!!!


    We were very quick both times, on DD, on the second month and straight away on DS!

    I never went into checking stuff or ovulating, as it wasn’t for me, they way we done it and it worked for us, was days 13/14/15 after your af… but then again I had a cycle like clockwork, so it was best for us…

    I think aswell, just to enjoy it and try not to make it a chore…

    Best of luck!!!


    On my first pregnancy it was about a week, but then for my second pg we tried for nearly 18 months.
    Did not really go into checking things or even have a clue when I was ovulating.I still don’t even know when my next period is due or when the last one was. Maybe I should…

    18 months is a very long time, but because I did concieve once before I thought it should happen again, but I was about to give up when the miracle happened. My daughter arrived 9 months later.
    For my son, he arrived 21 months after his sister, still barely know how it was possible for me to get pg. With a baby at home and lack of sleep and tiredness, we had sex so little that it still a mystery how it happened 😆
    ok, we wanted to let things happen, so no contraception, so easy math.

    If you feel you’ve been trying for a while with no success, talk to a gp also read the initial post here called NAPRO under conception section.
    You’re not alone.



    Over 10 years….. 😉 and with a medical history that would terrify the living daylights out of most folk, and with more specialists than I care to mention telling me it was impossible for me to fall pg.
    THAT was when I discovered : Taking Charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler, best thing I ever read….

    Two gorgeous kids later…… 😉 I’m a very happy Mommy…. 😉


    I was trying for 6 months on my last pregnancy having got pregnant immediately on my first. I was very anxious to get pregnant second-time around. After 5 months of trying I decided the 6th month wouldn’t be a good month to get pregnant as the baby would be born at a time of year that didn’t really suit us. Low and behold we got pregnant on our sixth month. I think it happened because I wasn’t stressed about getting pregnant and was just more relaxed. We didn’t even do any calculating or anything. Need less to say we were both delighted!


    immediately on dd1 – came off the pill in the hope of a honeymoon baby and ended up 2months pregnant getting married 😆 😆 😆 BUT it did take me 9/10months on DD2 and like buttercup i wrote off the month we did concieve – i knew it would mean i’d be due around my sisters wedding and we also had a lot on the month we concieved in so just didn’t expect it to happen and low and behold 9months later 8days before my sisters wedding i had dd2

    it totally varies from person to person – friend of mine has 2 kids one she concieved pretty quickly the other took a few months, she’s been trying for no3 now for 3years….. but she is very stressed out with work among other things
    Best of luck and as someone said try to enjoy, not get het up about it and not make it all a chore …….. i know all easier said than done – good luck


    My SIL was trying for about 6 years, they went to their first IVF appointment and she was asked if she could be pregnant, she scoffed but said she wouldnt think so due to all the years trying….. they did a test and in the IVF clinic they found out they were a few weeks expecting!! 😀 😀 😀
    She thinks it happened as they had stopped trying, she knew she was getting her IVF, just relaxing allowed her to get pregnant

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