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    I am glad I went to the roller skating last night because since I came home it has been all go here!

    We’ve had our 6 year old off school for past few days with a bug & temperature.

    Last night, our 4 year old got very hot and started being sick, she has two big red cheeks and there are some cases of ‘Slap cheek’ syndrome going around, think she has this, poor little lamb.

    Kept them both off school today so that meant we had our 3 girls at home, the 6 year old, 4 year old and baby.

    Been running around looking after them all day and trying to coax the baby to sleep – she is refusing to take a nap today and is very grumpy.

    Then, we got a phonecall from the school to say our son had a nasty fall and bumped his head and could we come get him and bring him home.

    So now we have an 8 year old with an ice pack on his head who has been a little bit dizzy on and off and is looking very peeky, a 6 year old with a temperature and sore throat constantly looking for ice pops, a 4 year old with a basin under her incase she get sick again and the baby crying because she is sooo tired.

    Anyone who thinks its easy staying at home with children has it all wrong – its much easier going to work when you have a week like this!!!


    Cuddling and DVD with kids when they are sick, or with hubby when they are all gone to bed!!??

    Either would be lovely, as it is, been running around all day and am about to fall down now with tiredness!!

    the joys!!


    Oh poor you – that is a day from hell!!! Never easy when they are sick.

    I am at work with thumping headache, fever, sorethroat and cough – not taking a sickie cos I can only take so many a year and keep them for when my kids are sick and I have to take time off. One of the advantages of working from home though – took a couple of tablets and went to bed for an hour at lunchtime.

    pinata ruth

    OMG Sabbi, You’ll have earned your cup of tea when they all gone to bed. I am an absolute light weight when the kids are sick. My DS has had croup a good few times and I swear its the reason behind my grey hairs and wrinkles.

    Hope they get better soon. Cuddling and a DVD is usually my answer to sick days. xx


    there are a few creme eggs in the fridge, I have managed to avoid them all week but think might indulge when I finally get them all to sleep.

    taking them upstairs now, armed with cold water and calpol! wish me luck!!


    Hope you all sleep well.


    hope all slept well and are feeling better this morning 😉
    i woke with banging headache, sore throat and rotten cough and i’m NOT happy – on a rare night out on sat so this better shift before then!!!!!


    lots of hot drinks munchin and hopefully you’ll be ok for Saturday. Its amazing what the lure of a night out, can mend many ailments! Even start off on a hot whiskey if you are not 100% and that might sort you out.

    Much better here today; only two at home. The 8 year old is gone off with a bruised head; the 6 year old is gone off and looking back to normal (I know shes better because she put on a show for me last night with singing & dancing!!)

    The 4 year old still hot but much better today, keeping her home and hopefully she will be ok for tomorrow.

    The baby is great form and just demolished a bowl of Ready Brek!

    Today looking much better overall!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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