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    Sabbi we do that to on New yrs eve, we’ll be with dh’s family this yr.
    I too unfortunately had a funeral Xmas week as u say a funeral any time is hard but they’s something about it when it happens this tome of yr.
    We did have a lovely time Xmas eve, day and Stephen’s day, girls have been brilliant, looking forward to spending more time with them over next few days.


    Hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas….our day was lovely. The children were so so excited, it is amazing to see their little faces on Christmas day. Its what its all about.

    After the madness of presents, we had brekkie and then some family came around for more presents and a lot more madness.

    My hubby was in the kitchen for hours making dinner and I felt a bit bad for him but when we sat down to eat it, I was delighted he had slaved away all day as it was his best one yet. The only problem was I wanted to keep on eating it when I could eat no more as I was so stuffed!!

    We had a lovely evening with the children and by the time they went to bed, we were so knackered we ended up going ourselves not long after.

    I am so grateful for my family, despite the things going on in the country right now and the difficulties many of us are dealing with, we forgot all about it for a while and had a great day together with lots of laughter, it was really nice.

    Have had just about enough chocolate at this stage but reckon as we snuggle up in front of the TV this evening we’ll get the urge for more and delve in to the selection boxes again!!!

    Hope you all having a good one and enjoying it.



    That sounds really lovely

    We had a family Christmas, eat loads and still eating , played loads of games Just dance is great on the wii and played chardes.. Santa was very good to everyone… we are off to Orlando and Atlanta in March (my sister lives in Atlanta) .

    Tomorrow a close friend of our family is being buried, its so sad… RIP

    We are meeting up with friends tomorrow evening , i am so looking forward to that..
    its great having time off chilling and spending time with loved ones…
    Any plans or traditions for new years eve…. 🙄


    Going to a funeral tomorrow too, so sad when someone dies at this time of year.

    But still having a lovely Christmas with family – this is what its all about, being together and enjoying spending time together.

    For New Years eve, staying put with family and looking forward to it.


    one trradition we have on New Years eve is to open the door at midnight to ‘let out the old and let in the new’.

    My mam & nanny always do it and so now we do it too in the spirit of carrying on the tradition!


    Glad to hear you all had lovely christmas, we had a great time with loads of family, mind you very very busy!

    Went to dublin with hubbys brothers and their families, went phoenix pk to see the reindeer and then onto nannys to have some lunch before we all headed back to our own homes. It was great all the cousins together and all excited for santa…
    Christmas day then was back to dublin to my parents first to exchange gifts and then to mil’s for dinner, was a lovely day and got home late enough.
    Then back down AGAIN! to my parents on St Stephens day for dinner, was back in work yesterday so travelling again, and today aswell. So haven’t had a proper rest over the whole of christmas, looking forward to my day off tomorrow and staying home allllllllll day with my babies 🙂


    Had a lovely Xmas too, loads of food ,pressies and cosy days..

    dd had a brill time and was seriously spoiled by Santa!!!!!!

    Heres to 2012 now lets hope its a good one for us all xx

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