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    hi, yes its me, the christmas junkie again. just wondering when you all put up your xmas trees? i’d put mine up this week if i could, i’ve really got the xmas bug, but realistically how early could i put it up without all the neighbours laughing at me?


    I do mine the fisrt december or the first WE in dec.
    Know plenty of people who like me have a fake tree and put it the fisrt WE in dec.
    For a real tree, they wait 7 to 10 days before the big day.

    Can’t wait either.
    I have a RED tree and a green and can’t wait.
    It’s the main picture in my phone (with kids, but it’s really about my red tree).
    I love it.


    If I had my way I would put mine up as soon as Halloween is over!!!! This year my baby will be 1 on 6th December so I plan to put it up for his birthday…any excuse!! I will buy a real tree but it will prob look very sad by Christmas day…last year it was quite bald and the floor was covered with needles but I don’t care….I cannot wait either!!!


    my dh’s birthday is 12th dec so our tree usually goes up for then – was tradition in his house so we do the same – this yr the 12th is a sat so that’ll do for me!


    I try to wait until second sat in December…as hard as it can be with the kids begging me from November, we stick to our guns.

    Sure, its stays up for nearly a month anyway and by then, we just want it down!!



    BOTH my kids’ birthdays 6th Dec – will be 3 and 6 this yr!

    I leave tree til last weekend before Xmas, partly cos dh birthday 15th and feel sorry 4 him every yr as it gets lost in the festivities., but largely cos I feel it loses its impact.

    I think no-one would laugh at u thouugh if u put 1 up 1st Dec or therafter.

    If u crazy to do some celebrating earlier, y don’t u go all star spangled and have some Thanksgiving decs….GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

    (I’m not a Septic (cockney rhyming slang, c if u can wk it out…), btw, just bit nuts for anything as an educational opp!)


    Hjs Im kinda with you, I leave it untill the week before xmas. Think it was something that my parents did, we always had a real tree if it went up any earlier it would have been dead for xmas.
    My mam would bribe us when the windows were cleaned, fridge defrosted, oven cleaned (why just to get dirty again) and the WHOLE house christmas/spring cleaned then the tree could go up….. we all chipped in and the house would be SPARKLING…. so im kinda the same, have to clean the whole hosue before the tree goes up.
    Really excited this year got new outdoor lights last year and spent 120 on new deccos for the christmas tree (all reduced 50% in the sales)

    Two of my neighbours put there trees up after Halloween, but they are American and put itup for Thanksgiving

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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