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    How early is too early for a glass of wine?, and does it really have all the medicinal proposes we crave or is it just a bit of a placibo.

    I tell ye, with all the pressure of Christmas, whether financial, organisational, emotional or just tryin to be normal..its no wonder we feel the need to drink.

    I tell also that as soon as I start on that road of relaxation, the will to get back on the treadmill of life soon drifts away and usually left doing the absolute minimum to get by. So for me its better of not to start.

    How do you all cope with it,

    love to hear what you think?


    It’s never to early!!! 😆 😆 😆


    Me personally, i dont feel right what so ever drinking before 6pm! Suppose its the way i was brought up etc it was the same in our house with the parents. The only day i would actually drink early n by early i mean dinner time is Christmas at dinner n then i dont stop n usually carried very giggly or roten to bed!!!!!!!!!! Im not a hugh drinker anyways. Jus a bottle or 2 d wk end thats my limit! With my job n using the ould brain all the time, theres no room for hangovers unfortunately!!!


    if im at home i dont have a drink till about after 9 when dd is in bed … but if im out during the day for a meal or a piss up in the pub then it can be when the pub opens … but i never bring dd to the pub…. i usually get a babysister for the day and night and if it is for sunday dinner than maybe ill have a drink with me dinner ….

    i dont have a drink with my dinner at christmas because we go to dublin after it and its not fair if i drink and dh cant


    When I did drink I would have drank from about 2pm, thats when we would finish work and head over for a drink.
    My granny would have a g&t everyday, her first would have been about 10am 😯 :shock: 😯 She would have drank a few large bottles of gin a week, she smoked too…. she had a pub in Dublin so she would have had a drink at opening time and carried this all all throught her life, she died at 84 years old. So who said smoking and drinking is bad for you ❓ 😆 😆 😆

    Each person to their own, what ever works for ya!



    At weekends we often have a glass of wine with our Dinner and have some more when Kids are in bed..

    When we were growing up all my relations had Pubs in Drogheda.. We never got across the door… I would never bring my Kids to the Pub..

    I remember every Christmas eve, my Mams (rip) family would meet in the Pub, we were never ever brought.. mY PARENTS hated that idea..

    We used to think we were missing out on something…..
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


    I never drink around my children so 7pm ish here & not very often.

    I must admit I am a bit of a binge drinker, I would rarely have a glass or 2, I am an all or nothing kinda girl 😆

    I could go weeks without a drink & have done recently, until last Sat when I went to a xmas party & drank 2 bottles of white wine (with 7up) between 7pm & 3.30am. Then was out last night & lost count of the vodkas but am going out tonight with bf (who doesn’t drink) & will prob not drink @ all.

    I only ever drink in the house if we have people over (not often) but there would laways be a few beers & a bottle of wine in the fridge & some spirits in the press.

    So it’s def either a feast or a famine here could have 6 nights out 1 month & none the next (& the next)


    We don’t go out very often, so therefore don’t drink much. If we go for a nice lunch, I would usually have a glass of wine, DH doesn’t drink alcohol with his, lunch or dinner…. sometimes I have a glass of wine in the evening but it would be very rare – so basically, it depends on the occasion.


    I dont drink at home and dont get out very often… but last night I made up for the missing months. My BIL kept buy drink, must have had about 7 or 8 drinks… hammered wasnt the word!

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