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    had a woman call to the house well before xmas, she was talking about God etc and I said Oh the boys are getting christened bla bla bla… she gave me a bible to read and I took it to be nice!
    Well she has called about 4 times, Thank God everytime the boys have been sick so I keep her at the door, she said Oh i’ll call again and next time hope the boys arent sick and we can come in for a coffee….. want to say "Go Fuck yourself and dont call again"…… but she is so nice and i dont want to be rude! What do I do? Dh thinks that if they are calling to the door that there is something funny etc and he thinks I should just say "look im not intrested"
    All advice welcome…..


    I had the exact same and felt so bad as the lady was just lovely. After a few times of her calling and me trying to avoid a religious discussion, I told her that I was redeveloping my spirituality and really wasn’t in the right frame of mind for this. She said she understood and wished me well on my ‘journey’.
    it’s awful when they’re so nice….



    If she’s relentless, you’ll have to be firm but you can do that in a nice way.

    Brilliant what beamam said – I’d try that, see how it goes.

    Good luck!


    Thanks for the reply but i think i dug my own grave as i took the kids bible off her the first time and now she brings me magazines…… she is so nice dont want to offend


    Strange woman! What does she want to come in for coffee for? Time to say thanks but no thanks to whatever she wants. Religion is a personal thing and certainly not for discussing at the door.


    Who is strange me or her ❓ 😆 😆 😆

    mammycool thats what dh said, he would tell her to go and get knotted… but dont want to be rude. i told her the boys were getting christened and it was like a moth to a flame!!!!


    she sounds a bit like Stephen off of BIg Brother ..he was very pushy with his religious beliefs but thing is when u ahve seen your own life improve so much because of following a certain path u want to share it with everyone…so i can see where they are coming from…but what they have to remember is it is not for everyone everyone has their own path to follow….taylor it might sounds a bit freaky but if it was for u right at this moment in time you would make time to talk to i would say you are not quite ready yet….teel her that if she calls again & say that if it is path ur supposed to followed you know it wil be shown to you again…


    i have a woman too very nice that calls to the door perhaps the same one, she gives me magazines etc etc, i have found that her calling to the door sometimes a welcome call when i can chat and sometimes just don’t have the time, she knows where i lie regards religion and i have expressed more so the thoughts and beliefs in angels, and how they will guide me….i know she has her beliefs and i respect that, but it’s interesting she calls on days i need someone to remind me of life etc etc…so in a way she’s a little angel coming to see me to remind me, howver our religous diffrences are……have wanted to have her in for coffee but then don’t want to further the wrong impression of religious beliefs


    Scole thats very mean you dont ask your little angle in for coffee tut tut 😆 😆 😆

    moonflower everytime this woman calls the boys are sick vomiting bug, viral infection, and now this sickness….. its like we are just not meant to speak to each other.. i have a very deep faith from my childhood, i have never changed my beliefs over the years and i say prayers with the boys just as my parents did to us, A has 2 bibles and he loves the bible stroies even if he thinks moses is a super hero for parting the sea 😳 😆 😆 😆
    i gave up my faith in the church with all the cover ups etc…. but find this all a bit in my face… what do they get from calling to the door and what do they want from me… money? just dont like someone coming onto me, hate the hard sell….. i run a mile when I see it.
    It might be all innocent but starting to think there is more to it….


    pick up a book on the occult or something and nxt time she calls .have it ready to showher stop her in her tracks 😈 ah no in seriousness just b straight with her and tell her yu feel a bit uncomfortable to discuss your religion with a stranger and will make up your own mindin time and in a nice way let her know ,there is no need for her to keep calling.mind u dnt know how to put it nicely 🙄


    Put on your coat before you open the door and tell her you’re just rushing out – can’t stop – byeeeeeeeeee 😆


    watch the occult thing taylor…i tried that once…in was doing a drogheda animal rescue collection with another vlounteer who was born again christian sounds a bit like your lady…then he started trying to convert me & we were stuck 2gtha in our allocated spot for 2 hrs 😡 so i casually mentioned i had more wiccan beliefs than anything to open up a new line of conversation …oh then he started trying to save my soul & that of DS…was very frightening….

    you do your own thing with religion its no1’s place to try to tell you what path to follow…

    ask this lady where her meetings are held and say if you change your mind you will attend one of her meetings one day………


    😕 😕 i was only joking about the occult book!!!!


    Is this 2 little old ladies. they called to my house last year with a statue of our lady. and said that its been passed around to every home in Drogheda. She gave it to me for a week came in and said a prayer and off she popped and then a week later came back and said another pray and went. They have called a few tiems since with a few magazines for DD and had also given her Maracles Medels> I dont mind because DD does tlk to them at the door and they dont stay for long


    I do believe that some of these callers are genuine and just want to share their belief but others can be very pushy and don’t respect the beliefs you have!! I had a terrible time a few years ago with such callers (from a well known religion)…two young men, I entertained them at the door and they asked me for my phone number so they could arrange a time to call and chat with my husband and me…I agreed as I am interested in other religions and would have not problem with having an interesting discussion…however it got out of hand with them ringing and being overly friendly!!! They very obviously thought I was vulnerable and started to hound me to come to meetings with them. In the end my husband took one of the calls and told them to stop calling! You have to be polite but firm, just say you’re happy with your religion and that you’d rather they did not call again. If she is genuine she will respect this!!

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