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    We had a really nice time, Hailey was overwhelmed by the whole thing. It took her over an hour to take the few presents out of her stocking from Santa, she just couldn’t believe it.

    Since the weather has been so poxy we have mostly been staying at home playing with toys & watching the Snowman on repeat!!.

    What have you all been up to?.


    Weather hasnt been to good, but we got out to do the Goal Mile on St Stephens day.
    Christmas was lovely, first yr with no Santa, but it was still magical for my dd who is 12 , wanted to go down at 3am and open presents, she was delighted with her ONE DIRECTION TICKET as a suprise.

    Have a bug since st stephens day – not feeling the best, had no alcohol over the couple of days , i was the driver on christmas day.. 😳

    Hopefully the next couple of days will be good..


    With a newborn (only 2 weeks old) xmas was the last thing on my mind lol, all Iwanted was to sleep but I had to make a bit of an effort for my older kids so we had a nice dinner and watched few movies. It was great.


    Coughs colds and rotten weather BUT we did have a lovely Christmas girls were delighted Christmas morning and there’s been lots of family chill time which has been lovely


    Baby had a temp of 39.5 last night and night before so we have not been getting much sleep last few days but before that, we had a really lovely Christmas. It was quite sad in my in laws house on St Stephens day for dinner because this is the first year without my father-in-law and he was a very boisterous man with a big voice, so it seemed very quiet without him and that was hard. But the kids were all very good and loved their gifts and we have had loads of pajama days and that’s been so nice.

    Feel quite refreshed – despite the lack of sleep past few days!

    Back to normal Thursday for our Mumstown Dundalk event in Marshes frmo 10-12 but we have a bouncy castle & big box of toys, so the kids will be well entertained anyway!!! 😉


    pretty quiet christmas, spent most of the days in pjs while kids played with their presents and watched movies
    didn’t really do the whole visit family thing because my mam is just out of hospital she was very sick, still waiting on result of something and my oldest had a stomach bug for 2 days and didn’t want it to send my mam back into hospital again
    hopefully the new year is good and we’ll be able to visit her soon

    the kids enjoys it though, can’t wait to go back to school..well most of them


    And….its all over now 🙁 Our decorations and tree are put away and all the lovely twinkly lights are gone too.

    I had planned to get out to dinner with my best friend and also, to get a night out with my hubby but we did not even get around to that! Will have to do those two at some stage this month instead. Something to look forward to anyway….

    Sad its all over. It flew by this year for us. Really enjoyed spending time with the children and not working much. It was much needed after a very busy 2013.

    Hope this year is busy and successful for us all and that we get another fab Christmas at the end of 2014. 😀


    our Tree is not coming down until today but everything else is down and packed away.
    E1 has been looking forward to going back to school but couldn’t sleep last night – I get the same going back to work she’ll be fine tonight once the first morning is over – she loves school and her friends etc
    E2 was up bright as button this am and raring to go
    I honestly think while the break is fantastic the kids especially love the routine.

    Christmas ended for us out shopping finding a new fridge freezer as the one we have decided to give up the ghost on Saturday night YEAH! 😉


    I feel your pain munchin, our washing machine died 3 weeks before Christmas so we had to get a new one. Bad timing all round but hopefully you got a good deal in the New Years sales.

    We’ll be at our Drogheda event tomorrow in bagel bar, it really does not feel like a month since the last one.

    Cannot believe how quickly it all went by – roll on next Dec!!! 😉


    the one we got in the end was about 50euro off – not a huge amount but every cent counts. Harvey norman were actually the dearest for the same fridge!

    One a nicer note got our letter offer for DD2’s place in school – cannot believe she’s starting in September – I told her what the letter was and she started jumping up and down go Yes Yes – lets hope she’s as enthusiastic come September! 😉

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