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    When dealing with people’s finances and budgetting, one of the simplest ways that crops up time and time again where they can reduce monthly spending, is to see if there is a same type of life or specified illness cover plan, at a cheaper price. Many people took out these kind of plans from their banks (who may not have been independant) or they just didn’t research the details at the time. For any Mumstown members that want to see if this is the case, just mail or PM me the following information and I will do a comparison to see if it is possible to reduce premiums.

    Dates of birth (or just age next birthday)?
    Smoker status?
    Amount of Life Cover and/or Specified illness cover?
    Term of Cover?
    Is cover Level, indexing or reducing?
    Current monthly premium (including 1% govt levy)?

    In some cases with the passing of time, there may not be a saving, however there can be quite substantial savings (especially if someone was formerly a smoker and has given up for over 12 months!) There is no obligation and confidentiality is assured, as always.

    Remember, a saving of even only €10 per month on a mortgage protection plan that has 30 years to run, is a total saving of €3,600!! Better in your pocket!

    You can email or PM me here.


    Dave Kavanagh QFA.
    Financial Planning Consultant.

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