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    After reading through our local free paper and its full of stories of violence on our streets and having read a number of posts onthis site I was wondering what we as parents can do to make our country safer for our kids to grow up in.

    Street crime seems to be rampant and all part of the course on a night out for some people. Threatening behaviour in schools seems to be on the increase. I realise kids will have disagreements and expect them to but I dont expect kids to be threatened with knives etc.

    Has anybody have any opinions or ideas on what we can do to save our country and make it a nice place for our kids to grow up in?


    i think if the courts and judges did their jobs and locked people up for crimes, rather then letting them out on bail.


    Thats true Taylor. Maybe if the courts stopped people in jail for not having TV licences etc then there would be room for real criminals. Letting people out on bail is just ridiculous


    yes that very true, if they said okay smaller terms for white collar crime and came down really really hard… if you stab someone you know if you get 2 years if your lucky… if you knew joe soap did the same crime and got 10 years, you would think again.


    Think they should start applying mandatory sentences.

    Non payment of fines and tv licences should be community service. Then the community gets something back.

    Just sick of reading stories about all the crime and nobody seems to be doing anything about it


    Might start a big war over this one but hey here it goes anyway.

    Alot of whats going on in this town is caused by youngsters…..and why??? Cos their parents have no idea where they are or what they are doing!!!! Ie that 17 yo who stabbed a load of people at 2 am in the morning WTF!!???!!!

    The buck stops with the parents, I know we cant know where arekids are 24/7 but I honestly think that if minor kids are in trouble the effects of that trouble should hit the parents and not these silly suspended jail terms for juivenille jail or whatever its called.

    Do ye think that if your child got in trouble and the repercussions fell on you that maybe they would think twice about doing it again??

    In this day and age I think there is no need to not know where your kids are with mobile phones etc or simply just dont let them out.

    Know the above only applies to minors as for adults well any sort of crime should lead to jail term, mandatory sentences for the same crime not just cos the judge is feeling a certain way on a certain day. The judicial system is a joke in this country.


    Yummy, totally agree with you about parents not knowing where their kids are. I m always surprised about the amount of kids hanging around the streets in the middle of the night.


    yummy very true about the parents, but its starts from a young age. I think everyone on every street in Ireland has a few kids who are out from mornng till night, where most other parents call their kids in, check on them and set boundries of where they can and cant play

    As for the 17 year old who stabbed the people on west street, where were his parents…. Eh, his dad was with him, the father even started kicking the poor taximan who was trying to hold the little pup down!!! How can you blame the kids with parents like that! 🙄


    Going by what happened my nephew this week on the other post, the time of day/night doesnt really matter as it wasn’t late in the night and they were near a friends house as well. And these are responsible lads. I think if the same had of happened say a middle aged woman and she had been left lying unconscious in a ditch there would have been more said about it but when its another young person some people might ‘assume’ its a young persons issue. Just a case of wrong place, wrong time.

    I think its okay for children/young adults of a certain age to get used to freedom little by little….they can’t wake up one day and go hey I’m 18 now I can do what I like. I know we all were out as children, teenagers and young adults..never causing or getting trouble. There just seems to be a different value on life now for some people…..and they don’t value life the same. The thought you might kill someone by stabbing, beating, hitting etc. just doesn’t seem to worry a certain type of person. But its only a certain type of person….there are still so many good people out there, we just tend to hear more about the ‘bad’ stories which make the news.

    How to make Drogheda safer……..not really sure. All I know is I won’t let my daughter walk anywhere in Drogheda even with friends….and she is afraid too. I don’t know how it will work when she is 18+ but were all wary now. There is no freedom now. Everyone knows it not about who you are but about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


    I don’t think that there is any quick fix to this one. Kids have a lot more freedom than they had years ago. Life used to be tougher and you did not get everything you wanted. Kids have grown up thinking that they can have whatever they want and in some cases do whatever they want. They have been indulged and now have no value on anything – apparently, this includes life.

    Parents have to be held accountable for the actions of their kids – they have to teach morals and acceptable behaviour. An adult does not suddenly appear in the world doing wrong – they have started the process over many years.

    I do not think that you can change the morals of a grown man / woman but if you start with the kids, overtime, things will change.


    hi everyone. I see were all upset about what’s happening in our towns. Let me tell you’s,, I have 3 teenage brothers who have been going out and hanging around the streets doing bad things. The main reason for them doing this is because they are bored out of their minds and with no jobs they don’t know what to do with themselves. My older brother(21) takes drugs and sells sometimes, my middle bro(19) walks the streets at nites doing nothing,just hanging around doing nothing he says and this is at 3,4,5 in the morning and thankfully my youngest bro(17) plays football,goes to the gym and has a lovely girlfriend,only because he lives with me and i make sure he’s not up to no good….. I seriously blame my parents for the way my other two bro’s are.They didn’t make them to be occupied or help them to stay in school long enough.My parents both in their 50’s drink alcohol 7 days a week.Now what kind of impression are they giving to them?? Every nite i keep my fone beside me waiting until the gardai call to say someones dead. Not that my parents would give a shit anyway. But i just trying to tell you guys that it is down to the parents to do something with your children when they are young and make them stick to it.Keep them off the streets, keep them occupied by making them go to dancing or karate or something….because this world is getting worse and worse and its up to us to change it.

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