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    Hi girls

    I am just listening to the gerry ryan show its about this recession in Ireland at the moment its actually the third discussion he has held in the past two weeks about it.

    I have to say it is starting to play on my mind a lot. Is there a recession or what? My partner runs his own construction business and to be honest if his contracts finish then we are finished.
    My next door neighbour is off to Australia now because there is no work for him here.
    My partner has a brother living in Oz and I know he would drop everything and move there if I agreed.

    I understand it would be a great lifestyle for the children, excellent working conditions and plenty of work for the next 50 years.
    It seems to be perfect. If I am completely honest the only thing that is really keeping me here is my mum. We see each other every day practically. If I have a problem Im only 20mins away from her.
    I feel sick just thinking about being away from her especially across the other side of the planet! Im def a mammies girl but she is my best friend to.
    It makes me so sad to think I would have to give up my beautiful home and my family and friends and leave Ireland because I couldnt afford to live here anymore. I want my children to have a future,to receive a good education and get a good job and be able to buy there home and raise their families in a country which is atable. I feel like its a constant struggle and battle with the purse strings here at the moment. If you buy something you feel guilty because you know when the arse falls out of the bottom of this country we need to have at least a years mortgage and bills money there to get us through.

    So any of you in the same boat? Its really scary.


    I hear you! My partner also works in construction and we feel as if we are living from week to week with the fear of him losing his job.

    The news is all doom and gloom right now and the way house prices are going there is going to be negative equity all over. I am sorry I cant offer you a happier take on this but I see it exactly the way you seem to. Things are bad and look like getting a lot worse before they get any better. 😥


    If someone said to me that it will definetely definetely get better in Ireland then I wouldnt worry so much but its getting me down a lot as its all you here about. Maybe not as bad as the 80’s but nobody wants to go back there. I remember walking into dublin city with my dad for him to collect his labour and we didnt even have the price of busfare!

    I just cant see how my children have any future in this country.

    How can I raise them here (struggle) and then they move away anyway because there is no employment here for them. Like i said its very scary. I would rather move now and let them grow up in Oz and then they wont have to adjust and leave there friends and families when they are 18 and want to have a successful career with good wages and start their own future. Maybe im being a little over anxious but no body seems to be able to see an end to this.


    I feel exactly the same way as you do. I feel like I am living on my nerves just now I can barley listen to the news or read the paper. We are thinking of leaving as well … I just cant see any other way to guarantee a future for me & my family. I would love to have another child but its just out of the question with the way things are. What kind of life is that??


    Ive just had another baby and I would like more I dont want to leave a big gap but for now its out of the question. When my partner said that to me i was ready to have a go at him but at the end of the day hes right. Hes already working 6days a week and spending the 3/4 days in wexford because he has to go where the work is. Its hard work and it tests your relationship. But we should be enjoying our little family weve worked hard to get our dream home and two children and a goldfish why do we have to feel like it can be taken from us at any time! 🙁 its so frustrating. 🙄

    Do you know of any good websites to research Oz?


    Hi girls I do know what you mean – my hubby is in construction i us "is" lightly as he’s been out of work since Jan and belive me it’s bloody scary.
    I lived in Oz for a year and i know my dh would love to live there but like you Happy i don’t know if i can leave me sisters & my mam & dad.
    don’t know of any websites but if i find any will let you know!


    The Auusie High Commission in London is the main one. You cant actually apply for a visa through the Aussie Commisioner in Ireland they dont do visas so its all done through London.


    Feeling very sad reading your emails, i’m sure your not the only ones out there thinking about it. I worked in the construction sector for years, and its really hard for anyone involved in this.
    I am trying not to focus on the negative, are we in a recession or heading into a recession each news report is different. I am lucky in that i have a secure job that even in a recession i wont be affected but is suppose nothing is ever certain.
    Trying not to think about negative equity we bought our house 6 years ago, its doubled in value even if it falls back we should be ok, put then i dont plan on having to sell up. I’m not saying that i am burying my head in the sand, because i’m not but i cant worry about things that i have absoloutely no control over, i’d have a stroke.
    I’d love to be able to say i’d move to Australia but i dont think i’d have the courage. All DH’s friends have moved to Canada and nearly all mine are now in the UK. Speaking with them they have the same worries as us, maybe Australia is different? I dont see my parents every day, probably see my family twice a month, but knowing they are all only 30-50 miles away is a comfort, i think i would struggle with not seeing them. And as our parents get older would they be able to travel?
    I really hope that things work out for you guys my heart goes out to you.


    ireland has been heading this way for a very very long time, we have got too used to having everything that we have forgotton to save for a rainy day…’s a case of pulling back the purse strings and counting the pennies, we lived through it with my parents and my mom worked 5 jobs to keep us educated clothed, fed etc where my dad struggled to get a job as he was classed as over qualified……it was bound to happen with over inflation for everything and the sad thing is that the government should have thought about things like this when the celtic tiger was roaring they should have stood back and said what do we do when there’s an economic slow down?…..they relied too much on international business instead of trying to build and establish irish business’s and putting caps on housing prices etc…but no instead they got greedy and as a result so did every other irish person too….we became cosmopolitin’s as a result we’re finding it difficult to do without, for some they remember the 80’s and don’t want to go back there and want to live the good life, for some who’s parents didn’t see the brighter side of the 80’s have tried to put it behind us but have the dreaded fear that it would happen again……they say things come around like fashion etc and unfortunately the ressession too, the only good thing that will come out of this it’ll weed out the wasters and cop people on…..for those who struggle through it’s going to be tough but it’ll make them stronger people and wiser…… wonder though will the politicians take a wage cut or as usual the regular joe soaps will……

    so we just have to start saving chill out and take each day as it comes…..we can all get through this our parents did and look at them now…..


    I here you. My family has never been ‘well off’ far from it. In fact my dad has worked 6/7 days a week since he got a job after the 80’s for fear of it returning. They have always saved and made sure we where aware that it wont last forever. He remebers our next door neighbours using their staircase for fire wood and never lets us forget it.

    Im proud of what we have as we worked for it and it was not handed to us like many young people who got handouts from their parents. If I borrow a €5 its handed straight back nothing is for free in my world it never has been.

    I just want to relax now and get on with my life and raise my family. Afterall we are doing by the book. We went to school got an education, got a good job, bought a house with a mortgage, bought a car, had two children and pay our taxes. Even after doing the right thing its still not enough.

    My sisters friend has two children like me and is not married like me and she has just been given a council house (no im not harping on about social welfare im just saying) she gets her rent paid for and gets all her benefits. It just grinds on me that I cant do that because im to honest! She drives around in a lovely 05 car and the best of clothes. She never has to worry about the roof over her childrens head because she doesnt have to worry about the next mortgage payment if her parters work stops. Blah de Blah Im not going to get into it.

    I suppose you can only take it day by day and get on with in instead of crying about what hasnt happened yet. I just wanted to see if anyone else was worried.


    I remember the 80’s far too well, we lost our massive house in the mountains (tennis courst, 7 bedrooms) and my dads business went bust, we strugglesd for years and years……

    My husband works as a Foreman/network Engineer of a huge computer network company, he was head hunted about 2 years ago and was given a great wage/bonus, he had a team of 8 to 10 lads for the past 2 years and he has had 2 of them on the phone of te past day or so saying they were laid off (12 lads over the past 2 weeks, 2 of them from dh crew)
    He is a foreman so we think his job is safe and we are holding out of the Airport and the new prison work to start, but nothing is certain if the building work stops then no one will need computer networks and it snowballs from there, even down to the lady who sells the sambos.

    Two of our friends have been to Oz and checked out the work, schools, houses etc… they are renting out their houses here as they said this is just for a few years to weather the storm….. dh and I would never go as we love Ireland, but dh would get about 90 to 120k dollars if he was to go. We all just have to mind our money better and start hitting the savings funds if needed….. at worse cut back on savings
    I dont think it will get too bad, I know I wont be the worst off but its not looking good now its it


    hav to agree its a worry for all of us now……..but trying to cheer up the other day I said to DH,we will probably never be mega rich or even just well off..always have to work for every penny but even if we did win lotto tomorrow,what is most important in our lives we get most pleasure from…..spending time as a family…singing & dancing ….picnics…walks in nature etc..all these things are free…so we can still enjoy these things whether we are mega rich or mega poor…….

    it cheered me up anyway 🙂


    Lets just hope it not going to get worse and we can get through it. But I think Ireland has rode the wave and its about to break and come crashing down around us so where do we go from there. 😯

    Anyway ive been told off by my partner to stop worrying I get myself into such a panic!! Anyway ive had a bubble bath and im more relaxed noe thanks for all the replies. Its great seeing things from a different point of view. 🙂


    Gerry Ryan is at it again im turning the blooming radio off!!!!! Im not wrecking my head again all day today!!! 😆


    Hi Girls 🙂

    me as a singaporean has been and overcome recession b4 in my country last time in year around 1997.

    the most common word would be Retrenchment or Restructure as over and over again Re Re….

    and i can tell you its really nothing that scary…

    we just hav to appreciate more of what we have now like our jobs and adjust abit of our spending habits and be prepared to accept different jobs if necessary .

    no jobs is secure anymore just be prepared as nobody can stay in a company forever not even the CEO.

    Remember when its bad time we need to input more positive attitude .If everyone starts being negative then surely it brings everything down so lets be Cheerio!

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