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    How are you all coping being stuck at home over the past few and next few weeks? do you think people in your area are abiding by the guidelines and rules for keeping safe and trying to stop the spread of Covid-19?

    I took my girls out on their skates yesterday and I have to say, dog walkers were very rude. I had my 12 & 8 year old girls on their skates and I was walking (and sometimes jogging!) to keep up with them and we crossed paths with a few dog walkers and NONE of them stepped aside to let the girls skate past. I had to put the girls up against walls and fences so we wouldn’t come into close contact with these people. I would think that an adult walking a dog would give the right of way on a footpath to two young girls on skates. I was really surprised, people around where we live are usually nice but I was unimpressed yesterday with the lack of space given when we were out.

    I think we might go for walks later in the evening or earlier in the morning from now on. to come across less people out and about.

    aside from this, we are doing ok. Its a very upsetting and worrying time. two neighbours from the road on which my parents live have died from Covid-19 so its very worrying for my parents. they are taking as much car as they can and being extra cautious but they are very nervous about it. My Dad had a heart attack a few years ago and my Mam is having a problem with her chest when she breathes in so they really don’t want to get it. I have not been with them in weeks and its so hard but I know its for the best to keep our distance at the moment

    I wonder how many people will try to go out this weekend to visit relatives or go to their holiday homes or go for a picnic – I saw a bunch of people coming off the beach yesterday, about 8 of them, all laughing and walking together. How is this abiding by the rules!!

    Please stay home and stay safe!!

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