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    I ask myself that question every euromillions draw. What would I actually physically do if I won a 15 million euro jackpot? It changes from time to time but the main parts are similar.

    So what would be the first 5 things you would do if you won 15 million euro???


    I would give up work, pay off mortgage, book long holiday, pay someone to clean my house, and go for lunch!!!
    on holidays I would sit down and work out who I would be sharing my money with…. I love actually planning what I’d do with it…this is where I get value, even if I never win it 😆


    I would look after my family. My sisters and brothers are all renting or living at home and its so hard for them to get onto the property ladder now – it would make me so happy to buy them all a house.

    I would pay off my mortgage and do some renovations on my own house but love where I live, so think I would stay put. There would just be far nicer cars in the driveway and gates where the handle does not fall off every other day 😆 😆


    and I have some very dear friends who have always been there for me, I would be calling into them with some nice cheques too. I think it would be so amazing to do that for someone!

    If anyone I know wins I hope they’ll look after me!! 😆 😆


    i would first collect the money, head straight to the airport (not waiting to pack as i would hit the expensive shops when i get there) with the kids and get the first flight to the sun, then id book into the most expensive hotel for a month, write a few cheques for friends and family,then sit back and relax and mull over what to do with the rest of it, BLISS!!


    After a few years working in Lotto headquarters, my advice is do nothing for a while, keep private and dont do any rush buying etc…
    Get good legal advice, if you do plan to look after your family get a % syndicate made up ie. Family members had a 1% or 5% share, so they can get looked after without paying tax.

    I wouldnt buy as much as a pair of knickers until i sat and worked out in my head how i feel and how i can deal with the win… once that is done im going spending, my wish list is…

    A holiday home in Tenerife
    A white Aston Martin for me and a white Range Rover for family.
    New boobs, teeth and wardrobe… that should do for a while 😆 😆 😆


    Pay the bills
    Look after Family and Friends.
    Buy things for Charitys that we support

    Bring friends and Family on a weekend away in Ireland
    Buy a nice house / have a cleaner.. Nice Car

    Enjoy life – and jet off on hols


    Like Twink, I get value from dreaming up all the things that I could do!

    I agree with Taylor, do nothing rash, and plan for a while. My biggest worry would be potentially putting anyone close to me in danger by letting out that I suddenly had so much money! (I think the big winner fromLimerick, Dolores had a few scares!)

    A holiday home in the sun would be lovely, helping family and friends, especially those in difficulty through no fault of their own, I think a radiotherapy maching costs about 1 million, would be nice to put one in the area, like in the Lourdes hospital, maybe start a business with a much needed decent size cinema plex in Drogheda 😉


    Oh god, this is one of my favourite things to dream about. Any night i cant sleep this is what i think about & it sends me off to a blissfull sleep.

    Saying that I dont want to win the euro lotto, too much money as p[reviously said it would be too dangerous for my family.

    The Irish lotto would do me.

    Financial Companion

    Some wise tips there Taylor 😉

    Taking time is definitely the way to go. And you have to remember, if, for example, you gave brothers or sisters a house (or the money for a house or cleared their mortgage) worth 250,000 euro, you will have also given them a tax bill of 64,950 euro! Apart from spouses, the three tax free thresholds allowed for gift and inheritance are, children 250,000 each, other relatives (brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, nephew nieces etc. 33,500 and all others (strangers, which includes couples living together for years but not married!) 16,750. Everything above those is now taxed at 30%! Even paying the tax bill doesn’t work as this increases the gift! The ratio’d sydicate agreement is the way to go!


    Ah sure Tax has to put a dampener on everything. I wish the word Tax could be banned. 😆 😆


    See i did listen when i worked in the Lottery!! Im not a thick as i look 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Then maybe your inside information can explain something to me Taylor……………

    Why do they keep picking the wrong numbers every week!? 😆 😆 😆


    A little tip if you want to win the lotto….. do a quick pick just before the machines shut down!!! 😉 You might not be a big winner but you might make your ticket money back 😆 😆 😆 😆

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