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    My poor parents came home last night to find that someone had broken in the front window & then completely trashed the house looking for money/gold etc…I went around to them last night & it was just terrible all the drawers etc…emptied in all the bedrooms & everything thrown around the place,they made such a mess.they stole a fair bit of stuff but its more the fact that these scumbags were in their home & rifling through their stuff,its so violating.

    So just a warning.hide your valuables well & make sure everything is locked up well.


    The only consolation here is that they were not home. This happened us a few years ago, our house was broken into while we were at the cinema and my car and all our valuables were stolen, it was utterly devastatin. They went through everything and ransacked the place and took all our CD’s, jewellery, car, bike etc.

    I was just glad we were not home as there was a large butchers knife in the middle of our bed, that they had taken from the kitchen and carried upstairs with them.

    Horrible but we were insured and got most of the stuff replaced and thankfully, no one was hurt.

    So sorry for your parents, its a horrible thing to go through. Between that and our subsequent miscarriage in that house, we upped and sold it and moved away from there. I am glad now because we are much happier where we live now but at the time, it was not nice at all.

    Hope your parents will be ok.


    your poor parents, there’s so many reports of houses being broke into lately
    with christmas coming up they know that there’ll be stuff to take….
    they don’t care about anyone
    i hope your parents are ok its so upsetting knowing your house was broken into, its supposed to be a place where you are safe


    Sorry to hear that, its not nice at all. Happened to me just two years ago, tbh, it still sometimes gives me nightmares. I dont understand why they have to trash the place. Evil people. Its the invasion of privacy thats the worst. Your home is suppose to be your sactury, nobody should ever ruin that. It leaves a knot in your stomach.

    Hope they feel better soon.


    It happened few years ago. They didn’t took much but grand mother ring and left laptop and camera I would have prefered the other way around. The thing that made me angry was they looked everywhere not surprising, but they even took a beer from the fridge! Like they were feeling at home/ invited in.
    And obviously you don’t look into a fridge for hidden money.
    Hope your parents are ok. At least they’re ok physically as lately buglars are violent.


    that is shocking they have some nerve! 1 night around 10 years ago my ma couldn’t sleep and went down to the sofa and dosed off with dog beside her are backdoor was old and never locked right at the time she woke up and heard the dog growling he had this fella corner in the kitchen the fella actually peed himself in fear my old dog would never bite but liked to give people a good scare if he didn’t know them at the time my ma had no house phone and the neighbor gladlylet her use his to ring the guards when the guards came up my dog and the fella were still standing in the kitchen the dog growling as soon as my dog seen the guards he stopped and went to bed the fella was crying. that dog saved my ma’s life as the found a steel baseball bat beside the door he must of dropped in shock .


    Wow Nicky that dog definitely did its job.

    That is Very scarey Sabbi about the knife being on the bed.

    I know what you mean Fabienne about the sentimental things getting stolen,they are so irreplaceable.I feel for my dad as my mum had given him cuff links with his initials on them 50 years ago & they took them as they were made of gold.

    My dog was actually in the back garden when the burgulary happened (as we are in the middle of moving house & we want to wait till the house is free of boxes before we move her in).It looked like they tried to get into the back garden as they opened the kitchen window,if she sees strangers she barks like mad,(she is a rescue dog & dislikes strange men in general).Maybe her barking caused them to hurry up a bit & not steal as much.I am just so glad that they didnt harm her as that is something i would never get over.

    I just hope karma gets the feckers back 👿


    God thats terrible!! The feckers, but its on the up and up if the crime rates are correct.

    Sabbi the knife on the bed is so shocking!! Hailey about 2 summers ago a neighbour up beside me was getting ready to move out, they had the playroom full of everything they owned…. they had just cleaned the house from top to bottom and every window was flung open to air the house.
    The woman went to work and the husband went to the kitchen to get lunch for the kids, he had the tv on in the kitchen and after lunch walked back into the playroom to find every single box gone!! The Garda got a tip off that it was a traveller family who lived in the Estate as their van was seen parked outside this house! This was at 1.30pm and on the main road through the Estate, if im out the back garden now i close my front windows

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