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    I have just gotten my letter for renewal for my house insurance and it has gone up a major amount…….last year it was €320 and this year its €542. Thats for a 3 bed mid terraced house.

    Anyone recommend their insurance companies…..


    Elaine, try Zurich/Eagle Star, FBD are normally good too.

    Aib rang me the other day about mine and they said it would be cheaper with them than any other companies but I know when I checked them out before they were dearer.

    As far as I know all insurance has gone up because apparently in a recession false claims increase.


    Im presuming the insurance went up as a result of all the flood claims, just cos it happened in one area, the hike in premiums go across the board ed.


    Try or – they are both very competitive. Yummy is right…insurance will go up right accross the board this year due to flooding and cold snap (motor, home, commercial etc)

    super minder

    aib bank done me a great deal saved 179 euros and no dd fee . go on line or ring them pet

    and you get 10% less off car insurence when due xxx


    Who is best out there for car insurance?


    For car insurance, it depends on the car I guess.

    When we bought our car nearly 2 years ago, the cheapest was Tesco. It’s hibernian for tesco.
    Hibernian directly was more expensive!
    Last year our neighbour bang a little our car, they were with tesco as well.
    The repair and the organisation of it was very smooth. Even had a car rented for us.
    It really was hasle free.

    For the house we are with AIB, got broke into. And once again they paid for repairs. Not a bother.



    Ok so far are the cheapest with FBD and Quotedevil coming in next.

    When ye are getting house insurance do you pay the extra for the accidental cover?

    Car Insurance…… is very good…

    Also another question……the value of our house has gone way down but the we still have the buildings cover amount the same as it was 3 years ago. I did try to lower it last year but my mortgage company wouldnt agree to it. Would I have to get my house re-valued to be able to change the buildings cover amount? Am probably not making any sense……


    Ed Im with and I couldnt find anyone to come near on price, dh not too happy but I put down that he will commute so it added a few euros on, so with ncb protected and a lowish excess just under 500… some for best quote were in the 600’s

    Also ring with sq footage and they will work out what the buildings cover should be…. cost of building has gone down by nearly 30%…. i had mine over covered


    well we’re with quinn direct and we pay 10.13 a month and thats for 2t.v’s, laptop,floods,burglery,fire and all my furniture and floors and we live in a 3 bed semi.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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