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    Hi there,

    Can anyone recommend a company for house insurance? I have just had my renewal letter and it quotes 656eur for the year. We did make a claim for a leak in the past but we now have 3yrs claim free – so can shop around.

    Also, anyone any idea on how to calculate rebuilding costs? My current policy lists this as 282,967 – this was taken out at the same time as the mortgage and I have no idea how it was calculated. I could buy a bigger house for that now!!


    i used last year… this years quote came in at 560, very happy but im still looking to skim a bit off that


    Got ours with aib…cant remember cost but know it was way cheaper than others and could be spread over 12 months at no extra charge.


    You can do a price comparison on this site.
    FYI, make sure you’re insuring for the right amount, not what your house is worth but what they will pay you to rebuild it (very different) also check out the fine print on the excess you’ve to pay on the plans. No point getting a cheaper quote if its a €500 excess.

    Financial Companion

    Mammycool, do you know the square footage (or metreage) of your house? I had just answered a similar question in the Financial Advisor section of ask the expert. The buildings sum assured you mention, for example, would be for a house in the Drogheda area that was over 1900 square feet (quite large). If you want to PM me a few basic details, I’ll give you an idea what you should be covering for and you can then do your comparisons. Just make sure you compare like with like (accidental damage, excess, restrictions etc.)


    okay my insurance isnt due until the 29th but i wanted it out of the way, today was my shop about day… my quote from with cover with Zurich was 569, i rang them they said 550 was the best. I rang Zurich direct and they said 450e, i told them i had a car and house ins to renew so they gave me a price of 342 for house ins, its the very same cover as the 569 quote!!!
    My car ins came in at a whopping 612 euro, the girl on the phone said "oh you have a nice sporty car, its at a higher risk for lads to steal it" WTF its a Renault not a Merc 🙄 🙄 🙄 The lovely girl in Zurich got me the Car ins for 440e…. just shy of a 200e saving on car and a little over 220e on the house ins. Well worth making a few calls

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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