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    Financial Companion

    On the offchance that somebody might know somebody who knows somebody who is looking…..I’m helping friends who are selling their home at present. It’s a 5 bed detached in Avondale, Wheaton Hall. For pics and details, go to

    The price of these was almost double 4 years ago so it may just be what someone is looking for!

    (And I can vouch for at least one of the neighbours! :lol: )


    I love that area of Wheaton Hall…. fab houses, but wow have prices taken a massive hit!!!!

    Love their garden

    Financial Companion

    Yeah Taylor, like most house prices I suppose. Ijust looked recently at a valuation from May 2007 and one on the road was €790,000!

    I’ve dealt with a couple of couples who got very lucky, they sold their houses in early 2007 at the peak and both got let down for houses they were going for, so they simply rented and have now recently bought, but even allowing for the period of renting, they are almost €200,000 better off as the type of house they bought had dropped by that much!

    Hindsight is 20/20 vision 😉


    I was trying to get my dh to move to Deep Forde when they went on sale…. i think they started at 795, we would have sold ours at the time for just over 500 (one of the street went for 530 or 580k not 100% but 2 couples bidding )
    We have smalll mortgage and we would have had to almost double our mortgage, thank God my dh talked me out of it 😀 😀 😀
    Was only looking today, a neighbours house is on the market for 345k…. we paid 250k but when i think of some of the neighbours who paid 500k and more…. i do think the banks who gave out this mortgages have alot to answer for

    Financial Companion

    And the people that were supposed to be regulating it all Taylor!

    In 2002, I emailed the dept of finance with a suggestion. At the time as you know, when someone put a house up for sale for say €250,000, and if someone offered that amount, they would often hold off to see what else they got offered, and with the climate that was prevalent, a few bids later it got sold for €290,000 and so on. I suggest to the DOF that it would be worth looking to adopt the French law, if someone advertises a house for sale at a price, if they are offered that price, they are legally obliged to accept it. I’m still waiting for a reply! 😆 It would have prevented the spiral that occurred which ultimately led to such a sudden fall! (I emailed them again just before the emergency budget a couple of years ago to suggest that they avail of a forum of qualified people who are dealing with real people’s finances every day, who would gladly offer their services free of charge. They opened my mail a week later and I’m still waiting for a reply to that one as well 😯 )

    If you’d taken a chance (nobody knew!) back then and sold, you could buy now and not have a mortgage! Mind you, as I always say, I only need 20 minutes hindsight to win the lotto! 😆


    nice house but don’t think they’ll fetch anywhere near that

    Financial Companion

    They’ve already turned down an offer not too far away Scarlett, and there is a bit of interest in it, so time will tell!


    Nice house, not my budget.


    Why would they turn down an offer close to asking price? I would take hand and all…. I bought a house when i was 18 for 37k, i never lived in the house, spent about 6k on windows and kitchen (my dad did most of the work) sold less then 4 years later and doubled my money 😀
    Why did i not do the property ladder thing? If i had of invested in another house i could be mortgage free….. all well i live in hope for the Lotto or wish my life away for the next 10 years, which ever comes first 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I WILL WIN THE LOTTO…. had a dream 3 times that i won 130 million on the euro millions (i aim high 🙄 ) it did reach that figure a few times and i do be full sure because of my dreams that im going to win 130 million 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Financial Companion

    There’s often many reasons why a seller may either choose or be forced to only accept a certain figure, there’s so many variables!

    Taylor if you win that much you can buy any house you want around here and also the ones either side of it and pick your own neighbours 😆

    Mind you, an apartment sold last year, it was situated between buckingham palace and 10 downing street, it went for £262million 😯

    You could have bought a mansion here, one in Spain, one in New York and still had enough for a helicopter, fleet of cars and staff, buy your favourite restaurant and have your own corporate boxes in Croke Park and The Aviva stadium, and STILL had plenty left to live on 😆



    In 2009 we looked at a few houses in Wheaton hall one in particular 4 bed for sale at the the time for 320,000.00 and the house was in need of alot of work had been rented out for years so needed lots of work done to it .
    It was sold recently for 250,000.00.
    In there day a four bed house was sold 14 years ago for less than 100,00.00

    We where lucky we did buy a house in 2009 and with stamp duty we got it for under 300,00.00 which in my eyes was fantastic as the price it had previously been on the market was 590,00.00.

    Best of luck in selling the house.

    Love and light 😆


    nice house wish them luck in selling….

    house pricing is crazy well actually soem people are still hoping they can squeeze the last cents out of people, and i think that pricing of housing coming down to a reasonable level now is good, granted the market has crashed but it had to happen at some stage the madprices for houses….

    my parents and inlaws sold houses in dublin for stupid money….there is no way i would have paid the price they sold their houses for…

    i deem ourselves lucky in a way that we were able to buy our house just before the complete madness started, but in saying that an element of it had started comparing my friends house around the corner in same estate was 8k less than ours within 2weeks of us putting our deposit down…i remember thinking god that’s mad quick get deposit down, the estate agent had us in a panic trying to get deposit down as he had said no depost can be taken unless you queue for us at the show house on sat morning, and you better be early as there’s plenty of people interested and the prices are going up…my dh went to the office your man refused to take deposit my dh told him that if he didn’t take the deposit then and there he would report him for fixing the rise in house costs and tell everyone not to buy houses from his estate agent as they were ripping people off….needless to say he took the deposit…..and then again a week later my nextdoor neighbour bought their house 7k more, her daughter another 2.5k higher than her… it’s mad altogether…

    but now i think of those who have bought 2nd hand houses here where they have paid stupid money, and now in major negative equity…we are lucky that we are not, but we could have been if we had decided to sell or upscale…instead we built an extension and even though i would love a big house on it’s own grounds and plenty of room for fun and games…it’s nice to know the mortage can be paid and that we have a roof over our heads and really the grass is not always greener….so sit back enjoy and take each day as it comes…

    the days for stupid house prices hopefully is over and real prices will be back instead of greed….


    I do think something should be done forpeople in negative equity, its a horrible state to be in, people are trapped in there own homes!!!

    BUT and its a big but, i have heard of couples buying a house for example for 300k, but getting a mortgage of much more 110%, then a year or two later going for a remortgage…. this didnt go on "home improvements!" But it went on flash new cars, lovely holidays and a house furnished like a top hotel or showhouse, the best of tv’s and sofas etc…. What happened to the day of getting a hand me down sofa from the family or like i had for a LONG TIME concrete floors, no blinds on the windows or lightshades

    people wanted it all, they talked the talk and wanted to look the part, getting the money was the easy part, its working out the true cost of whay you borrow, Cost and worth are two different things, but we lost sight of this! Did people need to change their cars every year? No, but they got easy money so they did….. most of the Range Rovers the likes are up in EP Mooney auction rooms
    Alot of flash harrys out there but not a pot to piss in!
    Whats wrong with penneys and secondhand cars…… egg, beans and chips! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Who is to blame for this The Banks or the people who took the Money?


    totally agree, people were doing keeping up with the jones’…

    i do think that there are people who need help when comes to negative equity…but i know i’m going to sound cold and cruel for saying this but if people have taken mortages way over their heads, and remortaged for this that and the other… what taylor said….well then no, you knew the risks now deal with it….i know people who have done just that they had no cares, they would get the money, i see them struggle now and have for a few years but they still don’t learn they still take out loans to pay off loans…it’s ridiculous….

    there were times i wanted to help, but i was told not to as they would never learn from it, and you know what they never have….

    we have worked hard (well dh has) for what we have, we have been sensible, we have not over extended ourselves, don’t take 3 and 4 holidays a year. certainly not abroad…usually just to the uk….we went one year to the sun the cost of it i wondered how people did it every year and twice a year….we don’t have credit unions loans, car loans, we have a very small visa limit so small you’d laugh, and dh has a fit when it gets to half of what it is…we’ve done our best to keep the mortage low by not doing remortages ( i think the bank hates us as they are not making money off us) we have things to change in our everyday spending, if we fell in to arrears hopefully never…i’d hope that we and people who are like us would be helped before those who were over overspend to keep up with the jones’…people who are genuinely struggling may be in negative equity their circumstances changed and trying their damndest to keep their house, they’re doing everything they can, they are the people i desperately feel for, not flash harry’s who life is crumbling coz they forgto to stop and think for one min, oh what if…

    (i’ll be crusified now for saying the above)


    No i dont think so, i know there are people through no fault of their own are in a terrible state. I was talking to a neighbour who lost his job 18mts ago, he has aged about 10 years, he was very good looking, now he is skin and bone and bald!!! (nothing wrong with being bald) He is like a shadow of the man he was, its very sad…. I was dropping a neighbour home and she said that car is park there all the time, i think i’ll ring the Garda, when i looked its the neighbour who lost his job car!! He is parking his car a street away from his house, im guessing they are behind on payment!! Why else would you park away from your house?
    This couple are so nice, 3 young kids and lived a modest life, just for the fact the dad lost his job….. thats all changed.

    My sisters friend is unreal pays one cc with another and so on, she has 3 credit union accounts (different branches) She drive a BMW jeep and the hubby a Range Rover, they are always away in the sun and im not joking her clothes are jaw dropping and the kids stuff is stunning too, no penneys for them….. my sister was telling me how she rings twice and hangs up then rings back, its code as she wont answer the phone or the door unless she knows who it is 😯 If you seen this girl you’d swear she was a millionare but she is up to her ears in debt…..BUT only last week she got NEW CARPETS IN THE BEDROOM!!!!
    People like that dont deserve help….. but something has to be done for the others

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