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    Just wanted to put a little warning out there…

    My neighbour got broken into last night and her car was taken…

    Very frightening for both her and myself….luckily she had left the car keys on the bottom of the stairs, they didn’t get a chance to ransack even though one drawer was touched, other than a small amount of money nothing else was taken….the fact that she startled them may have saved more going missing…

    When this happens you realise that the lock in the doors to your house aren’t as strong as they should be…so hence forth our door locks are all being changed and extra security is being added….


    Good grief!!!! 😯 🙁 Thank goodness she is okay….. but very frightening…. 🙁 I’ve been on the receiving end myself, so I know what its like…. not nice….. 🙁


    That happens a lot in the area, it happened a few times in Five Oaks. One neighbours house was broken in two nights in a row, he had a Fab BMW, they didnt get it the first night and were brazen enough to come back the next night!!

    We have 2 back doors and there isnt a night goes by that either one or both are left unlocked, i went to the shops the other day and realised i left the utility room door wide open!!! Thank God i have a good dog that barks a lot, she is a staffie cross and would lick an robber to death 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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