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    Any tips girls for the hospital bag? Just putting mine together, I’m 33 weeks now (trying to get organised!!)


    Not long to go for you, hope your pregnancy is going well

    The things I remember are-

    Nighties with buttons so you can have skin to skin contact when they are born or if you are breastfeeding it makes it easier.

    Fluffy socks for when you are in labour as they say your feet get very cold during it..

    Lots of the huge sanitary towels for afterwards.

    Nipple pads in case your boobs leak.

    for the babies bag along with the usual stuff I put in a plastic bag separately with the babies first outfit in it – so it had a vest, baby grow, cardigan, hat & nappy (it takes the pressure off your partner trying to figure out what the baby should be put in when you are still in the bed & the nurse asks for the clothes).

    You could also have a few books etc….something to keep you company whne you are on your own as time goes slower in hospital!.

    Good luck with it all, i know there are lots more things you need to bring but they are the first things that came to my sure the other mumstowners will give you other ideas.


    Arnica, Toiletries, Hairbrush
    Nappies, vests, babygros, cotton wool, doodies (if you are planning on using them)

    I found it handy to pack a labour bag seperate with just the basics, and then another bag for the duration of the stay.

    Best of luck! xx


    Yes to the two bag method!
    One average size bagis all you can expect a panic stricken man to remember 😉 .
    My labour bag includes:
    2 cheap nighties with front opening
    maternity pads (the thicker the better)
    pack of granny style pants in black (black or dark colors are going to be your friend as "leaks" are a lot less noticeable on dark colors)
    Toiletries (hair brush, hair bands, one of those water mist thingies, lip balm, … travel sizes are a good bet)
    plastic bag for dirty soiled clothing
    water bottle with a sport cap are also useful as you can drink lying down and can use them after to squirt water on your bits when you use the toilet.
    Baby stuff (baby grow, vest, nappy, hat, blanket)
    Your hospital notes

    Then have a ward bag with all yours and bay’s changes of clothes etc… Your partner can pick this up from the car when going to phone people with the happy announcement. Please feel free to pile boot with stuff, you might never need your birthing ball or extra pillow but knowing that they are there if you need them can be comforting.

    Finally PACK YOUR OWN GOING HOME OUTFIT! My sister in law had to make an emergency call to me after her husband brought her a cocktail dress and straapy heels with no tights. There was snow on the ground, she hadn’t shaved her legs and the fitted dress wouldn’t zip up. But he brought it because he thought "oh it’s her favorite dress".


    The laugh by reading your sister’s in law party dress at the hospital ! That’s what all new mum need.

    I would take a loose high hip track-suit bottom, as if you need a last minute C-section, you’ll like nothing to touch the scar.

    Having things in the car is a good idea, as you’re partner we’ll be in an out but if things are in the car he’ll know where to find it. And not much space to store beside your bed.


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