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    Hi All,

    My dd mad on horses, wants to have lessons and so was wondering if anyone had any experience of sending their kids anywhere for this or if anyone had a recommendation?

    We live Tullyallen so anything that side is best for me.



    I’d love to know about Horse lessons aswell, let me know if you hear of anything



    I don’t have any experience of bringing kids horseriding as my LO is only a baby but I used to ride myself. Just to let you know that five is a little young to start as they will probably only let her do lead rein atthat age (which while it’s a novelty is a bit of a waste of money if you ask me). You’d be better waiting until she’s seven or eight – at that age she would progress much faster from lead rein to riding by herself and you’d get better value for money. Riding lessons are too expensive to be paying for her to be led around in a circle for 1/2 hour!

    Just thought I’d let you know.


    My daughter wanted to go riding last year as her friend in school has a pony, I got her a rocking horse!! Its safer and cheaper! I wouldnt start her riding unless she was at least 9-11yrs old.




    I would have started riding about 4, never liked it got a few nasty falls and fractured my skull, not nice. My sisters and brothers loved it and kept at it for years, they would be in competions every saturday……. Im with happy a rocking horse for now.
    Maybe even getting lead around for a bit night be enought for her to say, been there done that and either she will like or wont want to do again


    Have to agree with Taylor5. Often younger kids get frights (or falls if left off the lead rein too soon) that turn them right off. Horseriding is a great hobby (good exercise, outdoors mostly, encourages love of animals) but it’s best kept for older children (7/8 + as I mentioned previously). If your little girl really loves horses I would hate for her to be put off by some bad early experiences – maybe as Taylor mentioned just bring her to a riding school for a spin on a pony that might just keep her happy for the time being. 🙂


    There is someone in Tullyallen who knows a lot about horse riding as her son goes all the time and he is htesame age as your dd.

    She is not on line though so you will have to pop in or I can give her your number , its Davids Mum.


    Just spotted this chat item and wanted to let you know that there is a place called Kildemock Equestrian Centre near Ardee which provide childrens lessons on Saturdays but only starting from 7 years old and up. The lessons are €20 for a 45 minute period. The main focus is ensuring the children have fun and they can go at their own pace. If anyone is interested just drop me a line and I can give you the number for the woman who runs the centre.

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