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    My grandmother was involved in a terrible accident a few days ago. She was coming up the escalator in Charlestown Shopping centre and as she neared the top with her trolley in front of her, a child ran on to the escalator (he was running down the escalator in the wrong direction as she my Nan was coming up) and she let go of her trolley because she was afraid to run into the child. The trolley hit the top of the escalator, where it flipped up and backwards and on to her, knocking her over.

    The Mother grabbed her child and ran off, leaving my 92 year old Grandmother knocked unconscious and trapped on the escalator as my aunt struggled to get the trolley off her. The escalator was still going and my Nan got cut and hurt until someone hit the emergency stop button.

    She was carried off the escalator and an ambulance was called. But, because our health system is SO CRAP she had to wait 2.5 hours for the ambulance to arrive.

    My poor Grandmother, was left bleeding, hurt, disoriented and freezing cold for 2.5 hours on the floor of a shopping centre because the paramedics were waiting for their trolley back from A&E after dropping a patient in. Basically, they had been sitting around in the Mater for 2 hours waiting on a trolley while my poor aunt tried to mind my Grandmother.

    There were some people who went out of their way to help her and I would like to acknowledge their kindness. Their was a first responder who helped my Nan and stayed with her for the full 2.5 hours and also, there was a student nurse who stayed with her for the full 2.5 hours too. The centre manager helped as much as he could to to, he called emergency services several times and even called the Minister for health. He was outraged about what was happening. The staff in the centre were fabulous, they got my Grandmother wrapped up in a duvet and brought her a hot water bottle for her feet.

    After her terrible ordeal, she was kept in A&E for 50 hours before a bed became available for her.

    She is in a ward now – thank God – and is getting the care she needs and deserves. My heart is broken thinking about her lying on that floor for 2.5 hours, she will be mortified as its her local shop that she goes to each week but the staff were so kind to her.

    I just hope she will be able to come home in time for Christmas.


    That’s horrific Sabbi…I hope she’s on the mend and be out for Christmas.
    What a disaster the health service has become..those most vulnerable having to deal with that.
    Shocking wait..anything could have happened.


    Its absolutely horrific. the poor lady. hope shes ok


    Good news – my Nan got home from hospital a few days before Christmas and is doing really well. She was back up to the shopping centre last week and managed to get around ok. This incident knocked her but she is doing great. I am so happy she is home and recuperating. So many people sent her well wishes after the accident and they showed her such kindness. It really did bring out the best in people.


    I am delighted to say that today, my 92 year old Nanny, went shopping! My aunt took her back to the shopping centre in Charlestown that they always go to (the one where she had her terrible accident). When she was in hospital after the awful fall she said to me that her shopping days are over and she did not think she would be able to get out and about. At the time, she was very sore from the fall and she was worried about her mobility when she got home but after some rest and physio, she is doing really well and was out shopping today.

    Everywhere they went in the centre people were stopping her to ask how she is and she said she felt like a celebrity with all the attention she was getting. She even asked my Aunt if she had told people she was coming to the shops because so many people stopped her to ask how she is.

    She is amazing, I hope I am that spritely at 92!!! What a woman, I adore her and am so so happy that she is doing ok. Its a massive relief to all of us in the family.

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