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    I have had a bit of a blockage in my right ear for a while now, it gives me a pain in my ear, blocked sinus (only on one side) and the odd headache. I asked my GP to check my ear and she said it was a little bit blocked but not so bad that they could do anything with it.

    So I decided to try some Hopi Ear Candling, to see if this would help.

    I went to Marina in Riverview Beauty in Mornington this morning.

    For the treatment, I lay on my side and Martina placed a round candle like stick into my ear and she held it in place and lit it. It is not at all painful, it is actually quite relaxing. She held it there and I could hear a faint crackling sound as smoke billowed out of the top of stick. The stick was scented and it was very pleasant as it burned down.

    Then I lay on my other side and she did the same thing. Again, the smoke billowed out and this was the blockages in my ears coming out.

    At the end of that, my nose did feel a bit blocked but this is part of the process – it is getting all the congestion out.

    Then Martina gave me a facial massage which encourages lymphatic drainage. This was very relaxing and she used lovely oils and creams and I was feeling light headed and so relaxed by the time she finished.

    I felt much better after the treatmentand for 35 euro, it is well worth it.

    For anyone who suffers with headaches, tension in their head, nose, ears or any unpleasantness in the head, it is a lovely treatment.

    Martina often has clients come down for this at night time, in their jammies as it does make you all cosy and relaxed and ready for sleep. I had a nap this morning after it, I felt so lovely and calm.

    Highly recommend, Martina is so nice and her therapy room is beautiful, its decorated in gorgeous tones and the whole experience is wonderful.

    Check it out at: http://www.riverviewbeauty.com/default.html


    My poor mother gets terrible blockages in her ears, iwould say she would love this treatment. She will be up with me soon and its so cheap for a little bit of TLC. She would love a treatment but i dont think she would like anything with someone touching her body, im sure she would love this as its only the ears 😆 😆 😆

    I might send dh over too….. he ears seem to block up all the time 🙄


    I’ll second Martina…. 🙂 She is such a lovely lovely lady….. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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