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    Morning All,

    I have recently read about the benefits of natural pure honey and started the whole family on it. I was given a jar of pure honey from a man who at a bee keeping event in Gormanston during the summer(I am not a bee keeper,I was just walking around the college to show the kids the hives and the kind gentleman offered the kids a jar). it had no label on it but by god it was lovely. Anyone know where you can buy good honey locally (drogheda area)


    The only local honey I have ever come across in Ireland is Lanleire (Dunleer) honey from Eoin the beekeeper. I get it in Larry Hand Butchers in Dunleer at €6 jar! Its the only thing that keeps our hayfever in check!


    i take manuka honey every day, it has all different strenghts, u can buy in chemists the stronger strenghts, certain grocery stores do honey also,


    Also a Manuka believer on this side….
    I had such a case of laryngitis that I had zero voice…. The honey helped big time. I typically have one from New Zealand, but that is very pricey. I have seen a Boyne Valley version, which I’ll give a try next time. You really need an activity level of +15 for medicinal value.
    I’ve taken the info below from the web:

    The level of healing that is provided by honey is determined by the floral source where the honeybees find the nectar. The amount of antibacterial properties found in honey varies among types. Raw honey does not refer to honey from a particular flower, but refers to the pure, natural state of honey that is not processed or pasteurized. Manuka honey is derived specifically from flowers that grow on manuka trees, which are mainly found in New Zealand and some parts of Australia.

    Both raw honey and raw manuka honey help to reduce inflammation and swelling, decrease pain and reduce odor. In addition to the benefits of raw honey, raw manuka honey may provide more rapid healing because of its strong antibacterial agents. According to Medical Solutions, an Irish-based company that manufactures raw manuka honey, the floral components of manuka enhance the other antimicrobial properties in the honey, making it more effective for therapeutic use.

    Manuka tree is also known as the tea tree plant…. which we know is good re healing properties… 😉

    Read more: Raw Honey Vs. Manuka Honey for Wound Care | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5482052_raw-m … z1aNn4FOKm


    i buy my munka honey in aldi, im lucky my kids eat it by the spoonful when they have colds or sore throats….

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