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    Hallo mums

    Im looking for other parents who teah their kids at home. Its urgent that I need support and help. my daughter is not happy at school. Thanks, Amy


    don’t currently know anyone but hope you get sorted out soon….


    Oooh thats a tricky one, isnt it illegal not to send your children to school once they are a certain age??????? If your daughter is not happy in school then maybe try get to the root of the problem before taking her out altogether afterall the way this country is at the moment what will you do for secondary school etc etc, maybe ring the louth childcare board or Meath one whereva you live. Sorry could not help you more i hope you get sorted.


    did you try this website?


    Hi ,

    I can’t offer an answer other than to ring round the appropraite bodies or look on the Internet.

    Is it possible she could move schools or classes? Like Happy said without knowing the root of the problem its difficult…is it one particular teacher, other kids, or just school in general thats the problem?

    Spend a day getting info..

    I really feel for you though as it must be extermely hard seeing your child unhappy so get as much help as you can.


    Thanks for your replies.

    I know what her problem is. There are too many in her class. And she has no interest in it whatsoever. Which doesnt mean, she doesnt want to learn, she is eager to but in her own pace. Therefore I think she is better off at home.

    And to my knowledge it is leagal as long as she is officially tested every year.

    I´ll try out the website, thanks



    Hi Zaarambar,

    Would you consider moving her to a smaller school? If you have transport, there are lots of small schools throughout the county who battle to keep their numbers up to keep teachers.

    Also, I think the gael scoils have lower numbers – though this might be a difficult change depending on her age.

    The reason I mention these alternatives, there is more to school than learning – this is a major part of their social development – the interaction with other children.

    Hope you work something out.



    that would be an option, too, to change school, if it would help her.

    And Im certainly aware that there is more to it. my daughter loves playing with others, very much so. Still, there are only one or two at the time. I also know she was bullied in her class (of 32). Which is not easy either.
    Im just wodnering if she looses out in her learning when she is going to a school. At home she is safe, she can trust us. And time will come when she is ready to meet other kids, more than just two.



    perhaps look around at different schools, and when doing so mention that she’s been bullied and it’s having an effect on her attitude towrads school, and in turn affecting her learning, it’s terrible to think that at such a young age kids are bullying, it’s unacceptable….ask them what they bullying strategy is, how do they deal with it, do they educate children about it and do they do it regards day one…..
    unfortantely kids are cruel but making sure that she talks to you and and that you can discuss her feelings that will help her….she won’t loose out on and besides you can help her with the learning at home to to combine both…..
    definately have a look around and see what’s available. A friend of mine she was american had been homeschooled before she moved to ireland at the age of 13…..and found it very difficult to deal with the schooling methods when in school, and also found it very difficult to interact with kids in sschool and deal with bullies as she had never been in that situation, she had only ever been at home with her brother and sister and taught by both parents, but eventually was fine and prefferred to be in a school and it actually helped her develop and lern life lessons as well as what’s covered in school etc….they returned to america 3 years later and as a result her parents put her into school and her brother and sister then went onto college…..
    needless to say that even though they were home taught they did not lagg behind educationally, but socially and also life lessons they did, they were very nieve but school helped them to realise not everyone is the same and that some are curel…
    i hope that you get things sorted for your child sooner rather than later and that going to school is not something she dreads but enjoys….
    i’m sure whatever decision you make wil be the best one….


    Kids are very cruel – girls appear to be worse. I went to a small country school where the maximum that was ever in my class was about 8. I went to secondary school in Balbriggan and found the change to a larger school very difficult. Everyone knew everyone and us country kids were the outsiders. I went through years of bullying. One of the very hard lessons that I learnt in that time was, bullies look for a reaction – and I had a fierce temper. Every day I went home and told my mother, and every day, she asked me if I lost my temper or cried(I usually did one or the other) – eventually, it sank in, do not react, no matter what – I took me years to learn that and I was a teenager.

    I really do not understand small children bullying – what type of parents do they have? Do they not learn how to behave at home? Is there no dicipline? I have a little boy – just about two and I know if anyone bullied him, I would be the first out there to sort it out!!!

    Good luck – it is a very difficult situation and I hope you can sort it out


    i agree mammycool, it’s terrible, it does make you wonder what do the parents think, and most often they are they ones that say my little johnny wouldn’t do that….i think if you take that attitude it’s wrong…..admit when you’re child is wrong and then disapline….

    i have corrected my ds who’s 3 on being nice, like pushing etc….he’s not a bully actaully winges alot…lol….but can try and push his way at times… my friends ds who’s 6 was over and the were playing ball, they were playing catch in the house and that’s fine, then the friend said let’s play football….my ds said no we’re not allowed, then the other fellow said, well you better or i’m going home, my ds sternly said no we’re not allowed, the other fellow said well i hate you i’m going home… ds then begged him to stay…..that’s a form of bullying…..i then came down the stairs and had words with them, my ds told me what happened even though i heard and the other fellow made out that he never said a word….that made me mad so gave out and sent him home….

    needless to say my ds wasn’t happy but i tried to tell him it’s not nice to tell lies, and also tell someone that you hate them and it’s mean…’s not right…….

    if my ds goes to playschool and says to a child i hate you if they don’t want to play i will kill him….the teacher is good and takes them aside but knows that if he’s bold to tell me and he gets dealt with at home also….but thankfully touch wood it’s a rarity….

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